Monday 5th July 2021

Frankie is feeling downbeat so Zack offers to take her on a driving lesson – but his good deed has terrible consequences. Kat asks Denise to reconsider letting Phil into Raymond’s life, Patrick returns the things that Isaac stole to a shocked Ruby and Martin, and Peter resolves to help a heartbroken Bobby move on with his life.

Tuesday 6th July 2021

As Zack calls an ambulance to say he has found Nancy unconscious in the street, the severity of his actions hits home – and what it would mean if the truth comes out. Rainie is frustrated that she hasn’t been spending any time alone with Stuart, so she and Vi reach an agreement. Kat is stunned when Phil reveals he has told Raymond the truth, and Peter arranges to meet Dana behind Bobby’s back.

Thursday 8th July 2021

Phil is angry when Denise refuses to let him see Raymond again, but refuses to give up without a fight. Lola realises she needs to step up as Isaac returns home, especially as Sheree thinks all her son needs is a few weeks’ rest.

Friday 9th July 2021

Phil’s plans hit a brick wall when solicitor Ritchie is too busy to take on the custody case, so Ben offers to help. Frankie is nervous when the police arrive with a lead on Nancy’s case, Chelsea tries to persuade Gray to let her move in – in her own seductive way – and Bobby is flustered when Dana is arrives at the restaurant. The Walford regulars hear a rumour that football legend Harry Redknapp is making an appearance at the Vic for the Euros. Word is, he’s a friend of Rocky – but no one believes a word he says.

By Eastieoaks

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