Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 12 – Thursday 15 July 2021

Touching scenes in Hollyoaks this week as Felix discovers the truth about Martine’s cancer diagnosis, Shaq confronts his mother about who his real dad is, and Liberty pleads to be let free from her captivity.

Monday 12th July

  • Writer: Shaun Kitchener
  • Director: David Crowley

After a stolen kiss, John Paul admits to James that he’s not ready to move on. Meanwhile, Ste battles with his feelings for James and decides that he’d like to fix their relationship.

Meanwhile, Donna-Marie is feeling hurt after finding out that her daughter, Juliet, filed a non-molestation order against her.

A shock to the system when Peri and Juliet discovers that their room has been broken into and a picture of Donna-Marie, Juliet and Romeo has been stolen. Juliet is sure that it’s her mum so James helps them set her up…

Later, whilst lurking behind the bins, Donna-Marie overhears James asking John Paul to keep their kiss from Ste…

As a result of chemotherapy, Martine’s hair starts to fall out. She confides in Misbah who recommends that Martine takes some time off, but she isn’t slowing down, even rejecting an offer of a spa night from Grace.

Verity asks Shaq to help her move boxes but he gets distracted by Theresa.

Tuesday 13th July

  • Writer: Jane Wainwright
  • Director: David Crowley

Desperate to win over Juliet, Donna-Marie shows up at James’ flat and reveals that she knows about his kiss with John Paul. In exchange for her silence, she asks James to get the non-molestation order removed, but what will he do…

Later, Juliet reluctantly meets with her mum, and they have a heated discussion…

Sami grills Shaq about not showing up for Verity yesterday. To stop the arguing, Verity asks Shaq to invite Theresa for dinner but offends him in the process with a comment about Theresa being a McQueen. Over dinner, Misbah makes it clear that Shaq won’t be going anywhere, but Sami isn’t giving up on his mission to get rid of him, and calls a mystery person for help…

Martine takes things into her own hands when Celeste tells her that she’s received an application for paralegal work, and Celeste isn’t happy to discover that Martine has been filling in the application…

Wednesday 14th July

  • Writer: Jayshree Patel
  • Director: David Crowley

After Sami’s phone call, Shaq’s mum, Hasina, arrives to take him home, and offends Theresa in the process. Shaq confronts Sami, but he remains adamant that he needs to go. Later, sisters’ Hasina and Misbah argue about Shaq’s wellbeing, and Shaq has had enough, as he reveals his suspicions about Kashif being his real dad…

A determined Summer ignores Liberty’s pleas to let her go and continues to keep her hostage. She asks Brody not to postpone the wedding anymore, but will she manage to convince him…

Celeste bites the bullet and applies for the paralegal work, so Martine helps her to prepare for her interview. Later, Martine struggles to hide more of her chemotherapy side effects and stumbles through the village, as onlookers are under the impression she is drunk…

Later, Felix is heartbroken to discover that Martine has cancer.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Thursday 15th July – 6pm

  • Writer: Karla Marie Sweet
  • Director: David Crowley

Martine shops for an outfit for a night out but is shaken when her hair falls out mid-try. At home, she cries over her loss of hair just as Felix shows up with a bunch of her favourite flowers. In touching scenes, she confides in him and Felix helps her to shave her head, and they spend a heartfelt, platonic, night together. Meanwhile, Grace waits for him at home…

As the Maaliks are still rattled by Shaq’s shock confession, Misbah must leap to her own defence. Meanwhile, Sami confides in Verity and she admits that she helped Shaq do a DNA test, so he shows her a letter that came through the post that seems to be the DNA results, but there is another twist in the tale…

Damon discovers that Brody isn’t postponing his wedding any longer but how will he react… Elsewhere, when Sienna finds out the wedding is back on, she doesn’t offer the same calmness and instead asks Summer to stop playing games with Brody.

A minor slip-up allows Liberty to get hold of a pair of tweezers. As soon as Summer leaves her alone, Liberty tries to use them on the door in an attempt to escape, but will her plan work…

Thursday 15th July – 6:30pm

  • Writer: Alan Flanagan
  • Director: David Crowley

After Felix spends the night at Martine’s, they agree to keep it between them, so he lies to Grace when she asks where he was all night, but will she find out the truth…

Damon throws a Summer themed stag-do for Brody that takes them across the village on a scavenger hunt

Meanwhile, Sienna begins to feel insecure about where she stands. The two women argue about the wedding and Summer confesses – without too many details – that the wedding will make her dad happy…

Tom and Yazz come up with plans to raise money for charity, and they settle on a summer-long game of Assassins.

Sami is unsure whether to tell Shaq about a shocking discovery he made yesterday, and the pair have a heartfelt conversation.

Hollyoaks: Monday – Friday, Ch4, 6:30pm/E4, 7pm

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