Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 5 – Friday 9 July 2021

In this dramatic week of episodes, Katie McGlynn first appears on Hollyoaks as Diane Hutchinson’s new friend, Becky, and it soon becomes clear that this friendship might be dangerous… Elsewhere, a hate crime leads to Sally planning to escape from captivity, and there’s heartbreak for Luke…

Monday 5th July

  • Writer: Daniel Moulson
  • Director: Miranda Howard-Williams

Still hiding the extent of her OCD, Diane convinces Tony to clean the flat with her. Tony suggests that they take Eva outside for some fresh air but Diane panics and refuses, insisting that she’s not ready. After a call from the doctors, Tony discovers that Diane has been missing hospital appointments to check her blood pressure.

Mandy urges Luke to stand up to Sue as he confides in her about his feelings for Cindy. She shows him how it’s done by defending Cindy against Sue’s criticism and Luke follows suit, leading to a heated conversation between mother and son.

Meanwhile, Ripley convinces Cindy to go on a date with Shaq whilst Luke runs around looking for her, will he get to her in time to tell her how he feels…

Grace is ready to admit defeat and hand over her shares of The Loft to dodgy businessman Fergus, but Felix has one last idea, and gives Fergus and Warren a proposition. Later, Grace is horrified to discover a threatening picture in her son, Curtis’ school bag…

Also, in hopes of protecting Warren, Felix manages to convince Joel to spy on Warren and Fergus.

Sid isn’t too pleased to discover his friends, Tom and Yazz, have set up a profile for him on a dating app, but he soon warms to the idea when he sees the girls he’s been matching with…

Tuesday 6th July

  • Writer: Richard Burke
  • Director: Miranda Howard-Williams

Katie McGlynn first appears on Hollyoaks as her character, new mum Becky, meets Diane outside of the hospital. Becky invites her for a walk, which gives Diane an excuse to get out of her appointment. At the park, Diane confides in Becky about her fears surrounding the safety of her children, and, in return, Becky also opens up…

Luke is heartbroken to hear that Cindy and Shaq spent the night together, and more commentary from his mum, Sue makes him furious, as he asks her to pack her bags and leave. Mandy encourages Sue to fix things with Cindy if she wants to have a good relationship with her son…

James realises that John Paul hasn’t visited Sally in prison, so he encourages him to stop avoiding her, and answer her call, but their conversation is interrupted by Sally begging an anonymous figure to leave her alone…

Desperate to protect his dad, Joel snoops through The Loft, but he’s blocked by the office door and gets caught by Warren… He makes an excuse and invites Warren and Fergus out for a beer. Whilst out, Fergus expertly avoids answering Joel’s questions about his income. Seizing an opportunity, Joel steals keys off the table that unlock the office…

Wednesday 7th July

  • Writer: Jonathan Larkin
  • Director: Miranda Howard-Williams

Filled with worry, John Paul and Nana go to the hospital to visit Sally, who has been beaten in prison, but Misbah tells them that they aren’t allowed to see her. PC smith visits Sally instead and assures her that he won’t make her life in prison comfortable.

Sally confides in Misbah about her beating being a hate crime, and her attackers saying that they would ‘finish the job’ when she gets back, so Misbah comes up with a plan to buy Sally some time… Later, Sally makes a shocking decision, as she plans to escape…

A shocking event makes Luke realise that he has to sort things out with Ollie before it’s too late…

A slip of the tongue creates trouble for Diane when Becky accidentally reveals to Tony that Diane didn’t go to her hospital appointment.

Still working together, Joel meets with Felix who warns him that Fergus’ eyes will be on him now and he gives him a plan to get closer. Under a ruse, Joel asks Fergus to teach him about property.

Thursday 8th July

  • Writer: Emma Morgan
  • Director: Miranda Howard-Williams

Whilst Sally continues to worry about her safety, John Paul discusses her plan to escape with Nana and Goldie. Whilst the two women agree with Sally’s plan, John Paul has his own reasons for being hesitant and asks James for advice. Will John Paul help her escape…

Diane meets with her new friend, and it becomes clear to the audience that there’s more than meets the eye with Becky, but is this friendship potentially dangerous for impressionable Diane…

Donna Marie is rejected by her daughter, Juliet, yet again when she reaches out and surprises her with gifts she bought her from a scratch card win, but she is surprised when Marnie tells her that she believes that she’s changed.

Shaq is doing his best to impress the Maalik family as he continues to confide in Verity about his worries about Sami accepting him if the DNA results reveal that they are brothers.

Friday 9th July

  • Writer: Luke Delaney
  • Director: Miranda Howard-Williams

Its tense as James meets with DS Cohen and tells her about his intention to expose the corruption in her department unless she helps him with Sally’s case…

Tony tells Becky that Diane is fragile at the minute and that he’s been worried about her mental health, and thanks Becky for spending time with her.

Still on a mission to make amends, Donna-Marie visits Juliet, but she is far from welcome. This is the final straw for Juliet, as she asks James to help her to get a restraining order against her mum…

Shaq continues his mission to impress Sami by offering to help Verity organise some files. Later, Sami and Shaq have a heart to heart.

Hollyoaks airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 6:30 with First Look following at 7pm on E4

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