Monday 26 July on BBC One 9:05pm – 9:30pm

Mick discovers that Nancy and Zack are still seeing each other, and storms into the gym to demand that Zack end things with his daughter. Karen has a plan to sort out a rift between her children, while Ruby leans on Jean for support instead of Martin.

Tuesday 27 July on BBC One 9pm – 9:20pm

Ruby and Jean enjoy a fun afternoon, only for things to take a more serious turn when Jean receives a phone call. Linda is furious to hear what happened to Nancy, and before too long it seems everyone is ganging up on Zack, while Frankie’s guilt worsens. Chelsea tries to prove Karen wrong and Tiffany packs up her necklace to sell for some extra cash.

Thursday 29 July on BBC One 9:10pm – 9:30pm

Chelsea’s hold on Gray grows as she persuades him to skive off work and go buy her a dress for her court appearance. But he panics when she spots an earring in his car, realising it belonged to Tina. Nancy feels betrayed, Sheree is frustrated by Lola’s indiscretion and Billy sees a new job opportunity – only for Dana’s dad Harvey to get in his way.

Friday 30 July on BBC One 9:05pm – 9:30pm

Martin feels let down by Ruby when she forgets his birthday, while she becomes increasingly paranoid after hearing Jay and Kat making comments about her in the Square. Tiffany is stressed about her graduation party, but Whitney’s attempt to make her feel better only make things worse. Kat has found out about Billy being homeless and hatches a plan to help him.

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