Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 9 – Friday 13 August 2021

Monday 9th August

Writer: Richard Burke

Director: Duncan Foster

OLLIE RETURNS… A surprising turn of events when Cindy gets an anonymous text asking to meet, and it turns out to be Luke’s son, Ollie. He’s back asking for more money, and not wanting his dad to know, but when Cindy tells him about Sue’s death, he has a change of heart…

Meanwhile, Luke is moving at one-hundred miles an hour as he makes plans to marry Cindy as soon as possible, and his sister, Zara is heartbroken as she finds out about Luke’s illness. Later, Cindy finds a letter in Sue’s belongings, showing that she had been writing to a man in prison, and they are shocked to discover his identity…  

ELLA COMES HOME… Home again, Ella struggles to adjust to life back in the village. Nancy tries to keep her return from distracting Charlie, but the close friends meet in secret, only to be caught by Darren. When Nancy finds out, she and Darren make a shocking decision, Ella is forbidden to see Charlie…

MATCHMAKER… Whilst Shaq continues to crush on Verity, oblivious Sami sets up a plan to help Shaq get into a relationship of his own by pretending to treat him to lunch but ditching him with Theresa…

Tuesday 10th August

Writer: Jayshree Patel

Director: Duncan Foster

RUNNING AWAY… Keeping secrets again, Mandy avoids telling Ella the truth about being forbidden to see Charlie. Ste convinces his son, Lucas to help Ella get involved in the Game of Assassins but, instead, he plays a cruel joke on her, making her feel even worse. 

On a mission to help her feel better, Mandy asks Charlie to visit Ella in secret, but they’re caught out again and when Ella discovers that Charlie isn’t meant to see her, she lashes out at Mandy, but Mandy retaliates with a hurtful comment. Later, at The Hutch, Mandy finds an empty till and a note from Ella saying she’s run away.

HIDDEN MESSAGE… A guilty conscience makes Liberty write a condolence note for Leah and swap it out for the card that Summer intends to put with a cake for Leah’s family. 

DECEPTION… Cindy convinces Zara that burning the letters without telling Luke is the right thing to do, given the identity of the person Sue was writing to, knowing it would hurt Luke. However, they miss some visiting orders amongst Sue’s things and are forced to do what they can to pretend that Luke is confused… 

MEANINGFUL… Verity gives her boyfriend, Sami a surprise gift, so he recruits Shaq to buy him one to give to her in return. Later, Shaq struggles to focus on Theresa because he overhears Verity upset about it being her dad’s birthday. Over a drink, Verity tells him about some happy memories that she has with her dad and he uses them to help Sami get a meaningful gift, but Verity isn’t convinced that the personal gift was from Sami… 

Wednesday 11th August

Writer: Jonathan Hughes

Director: Duncan Foster

MISSING… The search is on for missing Ella, who ran away after an argument with her mum. At The Hutch, Darren, Nancy and Jack realise that Ella has stolen money and Mandy pleads with them not to tell the police, but the stress gets too much for her, and she has a panic attack. 

ACCUSATION… Damon questions Sienna’s priorities which touches a nerve and Sienna asks Summer if they can slow things down. Spilt food colouring gives Summer the idea to pretend Brody has come back to attack her, and she even tells Sienna that he’s beaten her before. Who will Sienna believe…

SHOCKING… Later, Summer delivers Leah’s cake and when Ste finds the card inside, he thinks it’s Leah’s attacker messing with them…

FORBIDDEN FEELINGS… Verity struggles with the possibility that Shaq might have feelings for her. She resorts to asking Celeste for some advice under the rouse that it’s about a client, and decides to confront Shaq, but how will he react… 

TOUGH LOVE…  Juliet tells Sid to stop feeling sorry for himself as he struggles with the pain of his prosthetic. 

Thursday 12th August

Writer: Steve Hughes

Director: Duncan Foster

SHE’S ALIVE… Looking for Summer, Ste questions Sienna about the card, and she is delighted when she recognises the handwriting immediately so calls Damon to tell him the good news. When Summer overhears, she tries to convince Sienna to let her give the letter to the police instead, but will Sienna listen…

Later, Damon tries to get Sienna to see that Summer is gaslighting her but when she brings the topic up with Summer, she denies it. 

CCTV… The card makes Ste even more paranoid, so he reaches out to Fergus for help and he offers to put CCTV around the house. 

BIG CONFESSION… Celeste works out the omitted details of Verity’s dilemma and suggests she try to figure out if she has feelings for Shaq, but when she’s about to, she finds out how close him and Theresa really are. Meanwhile, Misbah opens up to Marnie about Shaq’s troubles and she breaks down, confessing that Shaq is her son. 

SEARCHING… Continuing his pursuit, Luke searches for the person that Sue was visiting in prison.

Friday 13th August

Writer: Colin O’Donnell

Director: Duncan Foster

BRODY IS BACK… Brody returns to the village to meet best friend Damon in The Folly to discuss their plan. Determined to set the world to rights, Damon tries to get Brody to help him find Liberty and prove his innocence, but Brody worries about being locked up and refuses to meet Damon without more evidence. Before he goes back into hiding, Brody breaks into Sienna’s flat to see Faith and is forced to duck behind the washing when he hears Sienna and Summer coming, but will they find him… 

THE TRUTH… Complicated familial relations continue to trouble the Maaliks and Misbah tells Marnie about her relationship with Shaq’s father. Later, Sami comes clean to Misbah and tells her that he knows Shaq isn’t his brother and they agree Shaq should be told the truth, but after a conversation with Scott, Misbah gets cold feet…

CAUGHT ON CCTV… A mystery necklace comes through the letterbox for Peri and makes Ste fast-track his plans for CCTV around the house. Fergus sends Timmy to install the cameras, but he gets a bit nervous when Peri’s around…

Later, Ste and Timmy watch the CCTV footage and see James and John-Paul agreeing to keep their lips sealed about what happened between them…

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