Monday 2nd August

Writer: Sachin Kureishi

Director: Daikin Marsh

FAMILY FEUD… Warren reaches new lows whilst trying to protect himself from getting arrested for robbery and assault… After discovering that his dad is guilty, Joel Dexter confronts Warren and they get into a heated discussion that ends with an ultimatum – turn yourself in, or I will. Warren comes clean, and agrees to Joel’s decision, but has a change of heart after a conversation with Fergus but his decision could have deadly consequences…

BIRTHDAY GIRL… Unaware of everything that’s been going on, Toby and Cleo arrive in the village to find Walter and Felix are the topic of conversation, but it’s Cleo’s birthday, and the pair try to stop worrying and enjoy the day. Later, Toby gives Cleo a birthday gift which doesn’t go down too well…

ALIBI… Meanwhile, whilst Grace tries to gather information from the police, Felix is questioned by PC Franks about his whereabouts during the Price Slice heist, but he remains tight-lipped in order to protect Martine. Later, Martine decides to tell the police where Felix was during the robbery, but she bumps into Grace… 

MONEY TROUBLE… Tony continues to worry about The Hutch’s finances and after some advice from Jack, he shares the problem with Diane.

Tuesday 3rd August

Writer: Lyn Papadopoulos

Director: Daikin Marsh

NEW GIFT… Trying to fix the gift mishap, Toby asks Ripley for help picking a dress as a new gift for Cleo. 

SHOCK KISS… Meanwhile, Joel agrees to keep Warren’s secret after he threatens Cleo’s life, knowing how much Joel still cared for her. A worried Joel meets up with Cleo under the rouse of wanting to wish her a happy birthday, but she can tell something’s wrong and he warns her about the threat. In the heat of the moment, they kiss… 

PRIORITIES… Later, Maxine worries about Warren prioritising work but he’s glad to have some more time to spend on the business.

ALIBI… Martine still goes to the police and chooses not to tell Grace about the alibi. Later, PC Franks tells her anyway and Grace gives Felix the opportunity to tell the truth, but he lies… 

OLIVE BRANCH… Tony and Diane discuss their options for The Hutch and as her and Becky’s friendship continues to blossom, she also shares it with her friend. Later, she extends an olive branch to Scott after he asks them if they could mend fences.

Wednesday 4th August

Writer: Tom Melia

Director: Daikin Marsh

CAUGHT OUT…  Trying to catch Felix out, Grace keeps pretending she doesn’t know about his cheating and invites both him and Martine out for drinks.

Whilst out, Grace gives a speech about loyalty that makes Martine realise that she must know what happened, and she comes clean to her friend, but Grace doesn’t let them off that easily, and she gives Martine an ultimatum…

MISSING… As Sue’s funeral approaches, Luke wishes that Ollie could be there.

RELAX… Tony struggles to get Diane to relax as she worries about leaving their kids with Scott again.

Thursday 5th August

Writer: Alanna Hallum

Director: Daikin Marsh

FAMILIAR FACE… Cindy suspects Luke’s dementia is getting worse as his behaviour becomes erratic and he insists on planning the funeral himself. She posts about Sue’s funeral on social media, hoping Ollie will show up, but his estranged sister, Zara Morgan arrives instead…

OCD PANIC… After having a fun night out with Tony, Diane wakes up worried about Eva’s safety. Although she’s relieved to find that Scott is asleep beside her, a pizza box sends her into a panic about cleanliness. Concerned, Tony initiates a conversation about her ‘excessive’ behaviour.

BIG DECISION… Martine decides whether she wants to continue her friendship with Grace, or explore a possible romance with Felix, but the decision is taken out of her hands. 

CONCERNS… Also, Walter airs his concerns for if Martine lets Felix back into her life, and, later, he has a big ask for Felix.

Friday 6th August

Writer: Gareth Lemon

Director: Daikin Marsh

POSSIBLE RETURN… A big day in Hollyoaks as it’s both the day of Ella’s verdict and Sue’s funeral. Ella’s potential return divides Darren and Nancy because, whilst he’s hoping she’ll be allowed home, Nancy is worried about how it will affect Charlie if she returns…

LUKE’S HEALTH… Zara is feeling hurt after finding out about her mum’s funeral via social media, oblivious to Luke’s deteriorating health condition. She seeks advice from old friend Tony, but he asks her to bear with Luke. 

Meanwhile, Cindy voices her concerns to Luke about his health, but he puts his erratic behaviour down to grieving, and decides to keep his condition from Zara for a bit longer. Back at the house, the sibling’s bond over old memorabilia which gives Luke the idea to propose to Cindy… 

DRASTIC DECISION… The robbery haunts Walter and Warren uses it to his advantage to scope out whether it’s the right time to make a move on the shop. Later, an outburst in the Deveraux family makes Walter come to a drastic decision… 

FORBIDDEN CRUSH… Possibly more trouble for Shaq since he seems to struggle to keep his eyes off Sami’s girlfriend, Verity.