Máire is due back to Ros na Rún today.  Laoise worries how she will react to the renovations done to the B&B in her absence. Does Laoise have cause for concern?

Malachaí advises Sonny to try and endear himself to the people of Ros na Rún before divulging his true intentions to Tadhg. Who is Sonny?

Berni is determined to conceal her pregnancy from everyone until she and Tony are a well established couple. Will this be easier said than done?

Bobbi Lee wanting the wedding of her dreams is prepared to hoodwink Niall into getting it. Will Bobbi Lee get what she wants or will Niall discover what she is up to?

Ros na Rún airs on TG4 at 8.30pm. Catch up on RTE Player and TG4 Player

By Eastieoaks

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