Jenna Garvey is a popular teacher with a chaotic private life. Beneath the veneer of professional respectability, Jenna is emotionally troubled, seeking to numb her pain with alcohol and promiscuity. After a night out celebrating a promotion, Jenna is accused of sleeping with Kyle Hope, a 15-year-old pupil.


  • Aaronveer Dhillon as Adnan
  • Anil Desai as Ken Mills
  • Cecilia Noble as Pauline
  • David Fleesham as Roger
  • Karen Henthorn as DI Sowerby
  • Kelvin Fletcher as Jack
  • Matt Devere as Jojo
  • Samuel Bottomley as Kyle
  • Sarah-Jane Potts as Mary
  • Sharon Rooney as Nina
  • Sheridan Smith as Jenna Garvey
  • Tillie Amartey as Izzy

The Teacher airs on Channel 5 from 9pm and over the next 4 nights