The drama continues in Episode Two of The Teacher as Jenna’s life falls apart as she is formally charged with having sex with a minor. The press get hold of her story and let rip with salacious stories. She loses her job, her friends fall away, and Jenna’s self-esteem shrinks further as she’s forced to stay with her cold, critical father.


  • Aaronveer Dhillon as Adnan
  • Balázs Csémy as Junior Solicitor
  • Barnabás Réti as Shopkeeper
  • Cecilia Noble as Pauline
  • David Fleesham as Roger
  • Karen Bryson as Ava
  • Karen Henthorn as DI Sowerby
  • Kelvin Fletcher as Jack
  • Martin Berenscy as Lad
  • Roderic Hill as Reporter
  • Samuel Bottomley as Kyle
  • Sharon Rooney as Nina
  • Sheridan Smith as Jenna Garvey
  • Tillie Amartey as Izzy
  • Wayne Brett as Offender

The Teacher airs on Channel 5 at 9pm