Marilyn’s vulnerability increases and Dean’s worst fears are realised. Nikau achieves his goal and Dean accuses Jasmine of being Logan’s mouthpiece. Dean looks towards a new future, and Ryder and Theo set the ultimate challenge. A stranger changes Chleo’s world, and Tand and Felicity develop a deeper connection. Marilyn continues to rock boats in the Bay and Ari confronts Matthew. Ryder confronts Chloe.

Monday 7th February 2022

Logan is apprehensive about the upcoming complaint tribunal, and confronts Marilyn about it, despite Mac’s advice to stay away. Dean worries he may never be able to surf again. Justin encourages Marilyn to be honest with her long-time friend Irene.

Tuesday 8th February 2022

Nikau gets increasingly nervous as he waits to hear the outcome of his assessment. Bella comes up with an idea to start a photography business, but has poor timing while making a pitch to Dean. Logan is at a loss as his credibility is damaged by Marilyn’s complaint.

Wednesday 9th February 2022

The ‘right of passage’ challenge leads to hurt feelings and spilled secrets. Bella keeps trying to find jobs as a private photographer but runs into more resistance. Dean spirals after his bad news at the hospital, but Ziggy won’t let him give up.

Thursday 10th February 2022

Tane and Felicity bond over their shared trauma, but Felicity is worried that Cash will get in the way. Matthew stays late at the Diner to try to get to know Chloe. Ryder decides he no longer wants to spend time around Theo.

Friday 11th February 2022

Though Mac worries about him, Tane finds himself wanting to spend more time with Felicity. Dissatisfied with how little information her mother will give her, Chloe tries to get to know her father. The doctors can’t find anything physically wrong with Marilyn.

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