Monday 7 February

When investigating an arson attack, the officers discover a much more insidious crime. Meanwhile, Siobhan is determined to get back with Inspector Finn. However, little does she know that he’s in a relationship with his new colleague Leila.

Tuesday 8 February

Finn is adamant that his marriage to Siobhan is over. When her former lover is arrested for assault, however, Finn can’t hide his jealousy – which leads Leila to wonder if she’s made a terrible mistake.

Wednesday 9 February

Finn’s daughter Niamh goes missing. When CCTV footage indicates that Niamh has been abducted, Finn turns to Leila to get him through the worst day of his life.

Thursday 10 February

As the officers investigate the suspicious death of a farm worker, Concepta discovers that her daughter-in-law Siobhan is hiding a terrible secret.

Friday 11 February

Callum’s got a new girlfriend, but it soon transpires that she’s been telling him a pack of lies. Meanwhile, Finn faces the most difficult decision of his life.

Hope Street airs on BBC One at 14:15 Monday to Friday