As Emmerdale has faced another week of drama with Meena finally being arrested for her crimes, one thing remains a mystery: where is the evidence that will tie her to the murders?

Well, it’s still buried at the allotment and, like all secrets, it will be discovered this week. During this week’s episodes of Emmerdale, Cain and Liam’s bromance will see the troubled Doctor confess that he pushed Meena off the bridge with purpose, but it is Cain’s lack of reaction that leaves him astounded.

Cain hugs Liam, providing him with cathartic support during this difficult time. Liam fears Meena will escape, but they have uncovered the trinket box as they turn over the soil.

As Leyla arrives at the scene, she sees the trinket box half buried in the ground. Neither she nor Liam realize its significance, but can they figure it out when they are able to open it?

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

By Eastieoaks

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