Justin decides the only way to combat Theo’s obsession with the prank videos is to sway his interests in a new direction, and Justin thinks he has just the idea. Ryder and Theo come to an agreement about the direction of their online content and manage to find common ground with one another. Theo arrives at the Surf Club to find Justin’s going to take him out for his first surf lesson. After some playful banter about Theo’s first attempt at surfing, the boys manage to tolerate one another to spend the afternoon brainstorming content ideas. Mac gives the boys advice about their audience base, which they take on board, and try to think of ways to engage more women into their videos. Justin gifts Theo his first ever surf board and Theo’s a little lost for words.

Roo pleads with Logan to help her find out more about the outcome of her transplant match. With Logan’s help, they learn Kieran isn’t a match for his mother and they’re still waiting on the results of Roo’s test. Alf is concerned about how much more Martha can take. When Martha begins talking about funeral arrangements, Alf knows his wife has all but given up on her future. Martha is adamant they need to discuss her reality but Alf struggles to reconcile with it all. When Roo arrives back at her mother’s room and sees a priest leaving, she wants answers from her dad but he refuses to speak about Martha’s approach to her future. Roo finds her father fishing late into the night, seeing the fear in his eyes, he admits Martha appears to have given up on her prognosis. They both agree they need to support one another and be the strength Martha is missing right now. The next morning, Logan finds a visibly emotional Roo who explains she’s just got the call back she’s been waiting for and she’s a match for her mother’s kidney transplant. Roo is overjoyed with the news her mother will survive.

Ryder arrives to pick Marilyn up from the hospital, and they cross paths with Logan on the way out. The tension has finally dissipated and Marilyn wishes him good luck for the tribunal but stops short of offering to withdraw the complaint altogether. Marilyn asks Ryder to take her to the Diner and Ryder realises it’s because she doesn’t want to be at home alone. Justin finds Marilyn in the Diner and offers a sympathetic ear; Justin himself also feeling the pinch of loneliness in Leah’s absence.

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