Ziggy discovers Dean sold his favourite surf board and she’s quickly on the warpath to find out who bought it, but the buyer only left the cash for it on John’s office desk. After Ziggy explains it’s Dean’s favourite surf board which he won the surf competition on, John’s still at a miss about who purchased it. John recommends, for Dean’s sake, Ziggy just drop it but she can’t. Theo and Ryder continue to think about content which would encourage more women to watch their channel but are finding it hard to understand what women would be interested in. When Ziggy arrives at the garage, she immediately spots Dean’s old board and offers to buy it off Theo, but Theo is reluctant to part with it because Justin bought it for him. No amount of explaining or bartering is going to get Theo to budge and sell the board, leaving Ziggy frustrated. It gives Ryder an idea and he calls on Ziggy to do a challenge with Theo, and the winner takes the board. They decide on a tyre changing challenge, and Theo is confident he’s going to smash it to take home the win. To heighten the stakes, Ziggy suggests they both do it blindfolded and Theo knows he’s in for the win. Ziggy easily fits the tyre, blindfolded and when Theo realises he’s lost, he demands a rematch without the blindfolds. Once again, Ziggy takes the win, and claims the surfboard as her prize. Ziggy is excited to deliver the news to Dean that she won his surf board back, but his angry reaction says otherwise and he storms off.

Martha browses a casket catalogue, discussing her wishes for a funeral. Alf isn’t comfortable with the conversation but their spirits are lifted when Roo arrives and delivers the good news she’s a kidney match. Roo’s excited about the future they all get to plan together, but Martha’s reaction is less than enthusiastic. Alf knows there’s more going on with his wife. Martha admits she’s struggling with the idea of taking an organ from her own child, and all the complications it could pose for Roo. Alf tries to talk through Roo’s decision but he ends up pushing her away when he accuses her of not thinking of everyone.

Logan tries to distract himself from the impending outcome from his tribunal and calls on Dean to take a swim in the ocean together with the aid of surf floats. Mac is amused her boyfriend is making an effort to get to know her brother and can’t disagree with it, even if it means missing out on spending time with him herself. After a great time in the surf, Logan can tell Dean’s keen on giving the idea of getting on the board another crack, even if he’s trying to deny it. At Salt, Dean only just learns it’s Logan’s tribunal day when Logan has to take a call and Mac let’s Dean in on what the call could be about. Dean admits to his sister he’s going to get Logan to help him get back on a board, to Mac’s delight, but Dean is still hesitant to let Ziggy know about it in case it never happens. With their relationship heading in the right direction, Dean recommends Mac and Logan should move in together. When Logan receives the news his complaint has been processed and he’s all clear, Dean’s encouragement prompts Mac to impulsively ask Logan to move in, which he responds with a passionate kiss.

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