Dean believes Ziggy should’ve respected his wishes about the surf board but she can’t understand what he’s so upset about. Ziggy drops the board back to the garage at night, to find Justin still tinkering away. She admits she may have not won Dean over yet with the board but knows it’s still worth holding onto his beloved board until he’s ready again. Dean avoids Ziggy the next morning, and it’s John who offers advice to her about how Dean might be feeling in the situation, and suggests she trust his requests a bit more. Ziggy approaches Dean and offers up an apology for trying to control Dean, and promises to give him the space he needs. Ziggy offers the board back to Justin and admits she took away a nice thing Justin did for Theo.

Just when Bella and Nikau are running short of funds, John gives Bella the good news her quote to take marketing photos for the club has been accepted. Their delight is short-lived when John also informs Nikau he’ll be out on patrol on his own due to a staff shortage. Nikau feels underprepared to be out on his own when it’s only his second patrol, but John assures him he has all the confidence in his abilities. John quickly checks in on Nikau out on patrol who seems hesitant, but John again assures him he’s not far away if Nikau needs anything. Just as Bella’s taking photos, a jogger collapses in front of them, and Nikau automatically goes into his CPR drills, with John coming up behind him. Nikau saves the man’s life but is left with a feeling of abandonment, not realising John was just behind him until he sees Bella’s photos. Nikau’s furious at John for staying back when Nikau was in the thick of the situation. But John is adamant he saw Nikau was completely in control of the situation. Even with the news the jogger is fine and being discharged from hospital, Nikau is still angry at John for not supporting him and quits lifesaving. John tries to explain that he was right there to step in but Nikau still feels like he was alone when someone was dying and storms out of the Surf Club, refusing to take his shift.

Roo doesn’t understand why her father is being so negative about the fact she can give her mother one of her good kidneys but Alf is still worried about the reality of it all. Alf just wants to make sure Roo is thinking through the decision properly, and endorses Roo seeing a psychologist first, which Roo reminds him is part of the process. At the psychologist appointment, hard questions are asked and Roo wonders why it’s feeling more like an inquisition when all she wants to do is keep her mother alive. When the psychologist presses Roo on her relationship with her mother, Roo is forced to admit to already losing her mum once, but forgives her for their past. She can’t imagine losing her mum a second time because her whole life has been defined by her experience of believing her mother was dead when she was a young girl. Marilyn can see Roo is pensive when she comes into the Diner and tries to console her friend. When Roo admits she felt like a kid when all her past was brought up again, Marilyn reminds Roo she can’t sit on her decision too long when her mother is dying. Roo can’t believe Marilyn’s harsh words and abruptly leaves the conversation. Alf comes to see Marilyn at the Pier, unknowing the things Marilyn said to Roo. Marilyn’s afraid she’s never going to feel like herself again, and once again, Alf is there to offer her comfort.

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