With Cash out of town for his father’s memorial, Jasmine is left to look after a spiralling Felicity who’s in the mood to party. Jasmine has little choice but to join Felicity in her drinking. After a boozy afternoon, Jasmine brings Felicity to the gym for Tane to takeover babysitting Felicity duties. Felicity causes havoc while Tane’s trying to work. Tane forces her to sit in the corner and drink water. Jasmine bends the truth to Cash when she tells him everything’s fine with Felicity while Tane struggles to control her. When Tane’s back is turned, Felicity takes the opportunity to flee the gym. Jasmine finds Felicity drinking out in the carpark with some unknown guys and she drags her away. Jasmine gives Felicity some hard truths about what Cash is going through as well but Felicity fires back and tells her to butt out of their life, reducing her to nothing more than the girl who’s only sleeping with her brother.

Alf tries to soothe Marilyn by reminding her how much her friends still appreciate her, even if she’s more vocal than before. But when Irene says how happy she is Marilyn is back working, Marilyn admits she might have come back too soon and doesn’t want to work at the Diner just yet. When Alf gets home he finds Marilyn sitting alone and she wants to talk. With everyone’s troubles and her inability to keep her opinion to herself, she thinks the best place for her is away from the Bay. Alf reminds her he’ll miss her while she’s away, and she admits the same but deep down knows she has to take some time away before she loses everyone important in her life.

Ari attempts to help in the gym by doing the rosters, but fails. Mia gets the call that Matthew is back in town and the pair brace themselves for the fallout after Ari punched Matthew. Chloe wants all her family to get along and decides to invite her father to their house for dinner. Matthew is hesitant about going, but Chloe encourages him and he agrees. Mia frets over the idea of Matthew being in her house and Ari does his best to placate her anxiety. They agree to turn on the charm for Chloe’s sake. When he arrives, it’s tense and awkward. Chloe continues to force the night but when the topic of how they met is brought up, Matthew delivers a different scenario to the one she remembers, leaving Mia feeling sick about the whole discussion and she flees to the bedroom. Chloe apologises to her dad about the outcome of the night and Matthew continues to woo her with his charm, and an offer to attend a prestigious business school.

John tries to reach out to Nikau but he’s still refusing to accept his calls to come back to the patrol, and nothing Bella can say will change his mind. Nikau can’t deal with the idea that someone could die on his watch. After some gentle encouragement from Bella, Nikau decides to give John a call back.

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