Mia does her best to settle her thoughts about Matthew with a run but she begins to have a panic attack, with Irene finding her in time. Mia explains as much as she can to Irene about her situation with Matthew. When Irene admits he doesn’t seem so bad, Mia has to hold back the truth about the extent of her trauma with him. Matthew shows Chloe the glossy pamphlet for the prestigious business school he wants to send her to, and Chloe appears overwhelmed by the opportunity. Ari’s worried about Mia when she comes home late from a run but she brushes it off. When Chloe comes home and informs them she’s applying to business college and possibly moving to the city to be with her father, it tips Mia over the edge and she’s a total wreck. Matthew, on the other hand, is thrilled with the news Chloe has accepted his offer. Ari reluctantly warns Chloe about going to live with her father but without the truth, Chloe only sees her father as supportive. She begs Ari to tell her the truth about her father but all he can say is it’s not his truth to tell. Back at home Ari admits to Tane about how much Mia is struggling and Tane reminds him how strong they are as a couple. Ari thanks him and ponders over Tane’s words while looking at the engagement ring he has waiting for Mia. Mia warns Matthew one last time, to leave them alone or else she’s going to tell Chloe the truth about how she was conceived. Chloe receives the news she’s been accepted into the college and Mia comes to the realisation that she’s going to have to tell Chloe the truth or risk losing her to her father in the city.

Ari questions Tane about where he’s been all night, but Tane’s eager to leave to find Felicity who still hasn’t shown up. Ari takes Tane to his room to show him Felicity asleep on his bed after Ari found her sleeping on a pool chair outside. Ari asks what’s going on and Tane tries to explain how she’s got a lot going on with her family at the moment. Tane makes her breakfast and finds a mortified Felicity in a fragile state. She can’t remember the night and feels ashamed of her actions, and her guard is automatically up. But when he asks about her photo album, she shows him and breaks down about how much she misses her dad. Tane’s the welcome support she’s been craving for a long time. Jasmine finds Felicity down at the beach and Felicity offers an apology for everything she said. Jasmine accepts her apology and is worried Felicity’s approach to just write herself off every anniversary of her father’s death is only causing her more pain. Jasmine questions whether she’s ever spoken to Cash about why she can’t face going back for the memorial. Felicity finds Tane and apologises for how she’s been and Tane reminds her he’s there to support her and hopes she will come to him whenever she’s feeling like she’s spiralling again. But when Felicity throws out the idea of going on a road-trip together, Tane says no and asks her why she’s so intent on running away from her problems. It’s the first time Felicity’s had this type of support around her and she calls her brother. To his surprise and delight, she’s sticking around for once instead of her usual avoidance of the entire situation. Is this a step in the right direction for Felicity?

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