A protective Justin tries to intercept Theo’s arrest, to no avail. At the police station, Theo explains that this is all about Alf settling scores, but Cash brings the harsh legal reality – Theo committed a crime. This is serious. Theo could have a criminal record for the rest of his life. Theo absorbs this with a heavy heart and demands to see a lawyer. Alf continues his campaign against Theo, pushing ahead with theft charges. Cash tries to talk reason into Alf, but Alf wants revenge.

Justin & Alf clash over parenting styles. Alf insists Theo should be punished; Justin believes Theo should be forgiven. Neither is willing to budge. Cash is sympathetic to Justin’s pleas, but admits his hands are tied. Theo did commit a crime, and Alf wants to press charges. Theo begs Justin to keep this a secret from Leah. Theo doesn’t want to be a burden to his family.

A guilt-stricken Ryder tries to save Theo from Alf’s charges, but Theo dismisses him. Theo suggests they stay apart to avoid provoking Alf. Ryder is desperate. Will Alf destroy Ryder’s newfound friendship with Theo? Theo is given bail conditions, and finally released. Justin wants to fight the charges, but Theo accepts his guilt with resignation. Ryder escapes the tension at home to hang with Bella. Bella is glad to see Ryder doing so well after the terrifying burial challenge. Ryder unloads on Bella – how can he get Alf off the war path?

Roo tries to keep her friction with Martha out of a stressed Ryder’s way. Try as she may, Roo cannot understand Martha’s rejection of her kidney, and lashes out. Roo calls out Alf’s hypocrisy – he claims to be protecting Ryder, but his pursuit of Theo is sending Ryder over the edge. Alf refuses to accept responsibility for Ryder’s panic attacks. An outraged Ryder tells Alf he is in the wrong, not Theo. Alf believes he is orchestrating justice. Is the Stewart family coming apart at the seams?

Dean & Ziggy continue the search for Dean’s Mum, Karen. Dean can’t help but expect the worst, but Ziggy keeps her cool. There must be an explanation. Dean is burdened with guilt – he hasn’t contacted his mother for weeks. She could be off the rails and he wouldn’t know. Ziggy assures him that he’s had a lot on his plate with the accident & he shouldn’t blame himself. But things take a bad turn…Karen’s phone has been disconnected.

Mia, Tane, Nikau & Chloe debrief after visiting Ari in remand. Chloe tries to make Mia reconsider the wedding, but Mia wants something to hope for. Chloe & Nikau struggle to deal with a situation they are powerless to change. Tane steps in to uplift Mia – he gets aboard the wedding wagon. Nikau struggles to accept that Ari may be lost to them forever. Tane gives Nikau the hard truth – a man was killed, and someone must pay.

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