An optimistic Justin tries to give Theo some hope, but Theo is in a hopeless rut. Theo & Ryder have conflicting solutions to the Alf problem. Ryder wants to make amends. Theo takes a leaf out of Alf’s book, suggesting they leave their friendship in the past. The boys clash over diplomatic solutions, but the Alf-Theo gridlock remains.

Martha gives Alf a piece of her mind, much to Alf’s dismay. Will nobody in the family see his perspective when it comes to Theo? Alf cooks up a feast to bridge the rifts in the family, but all they can agree on is disagreement.

After seeing Ari in remand, a despondent Chloe holds herself together for the outside world, but underneath she’s cracking. Mia organises a family dinner to perk up their spirits but misjudges the mood. Trying to discuss wedding plans only distresses Chloe & Nikau. Why pretend there is a happy ever after when there clearly is not? Desperate, Mia reads Chloe’s diary and gets a glimpse of her tormented psyche. Mia confronts Chloe about the contents of her diary, much to Chloe’s outrage. How could she breach her privacy like that? Mia begs Chloe to open up about her feelings, but Chloe shuts her out.

A frustrated Nikau can’t stand the waiting game until Ari’s sentencing, & considers leaving Summer Bay. Tane tries to talk him out of it. The whole Ari situation brings back uncomfortable memories of losing his own father. Tane tells Mia he has a plan to help Nikau, but they’ll need to leave the Bay for a while. Mia agrees to look after Chloe while they’re gone. Nikau is surprised that Tane took him seriously and organised a sudden trip. Mia & Chloe give them a spirited send off, knowing some space could do them all good. Tane takes Nikau out of town for a rite of passage, presenting Nikau with a family heirloom.

Roo feels surrounded by conflict at home and seeks out some wine therapy. Justin joins her, needing some liquid support himself. The two bond over their fractured family situation.

Ryder interferes in Roo & Martha’s disagreement, trying to give them perspective. Ryder knows they are wasting precious time together by fighting. But Roo won’t let Martha off the hook – how can she refuse help when it is offered? Martha refuses to explain herself. The Stewart family standoff simmers on.

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