Peace-keeping Mackenzie & Neve find a happy truce. Neve is grateful for Mackenzie keeping her secret about deserting the military. Neve struggles to keep her PTSD in check, despite her best efforts to conceal it.  Logan notices, concerned. Neve confesses to Logan that she is surprised by his choice of Mackenzie as a girlfriend. Sprung mid-conversation by Bella taking their photo, Neve snaps, defensively. Bella recoils in horror as Neve tries to seize her camera, hitting Logan in the process. A shocked Bella tells Mackenzie to be wary of a volatile Neve. Logan flags that Neve’s quick rage could be a problem. Mackenzie admits to Logan that she is worried about having Neve in the apartment. Perhaps she is dangerous? Overhearing Mackenzie’s concern, Neve storms out. In the middle of the night, Mackenzie hears Logan leave bed to check on Neve. A concerned Mackenzie struggles to sleep. Why is Logan so preoccupied with Neve?

Chloe shuts Mia out, feeling her trust is betrayed. Chloe struggles between her public & private self for the protection of the family. Mia finally gets through, assuring Chloe that she is cherished. But Mia pushes their newfound honesty too far when she demands Chloe destroy her journal. It could be evidence of the truth in the Police’s hands. Chloe lets the steam dissipate and decides that Mia is right. Together, they burn the journal.

Tane takes a floundering Nikau out to a riverside camp site. Tane teaches Nikau about the Taiaha, a traditional Māori weapon, on their camping trip. The Taiaha was Nikau’s Father’s. This makes Nikau nervous, feeling the weight of responsibility. Tane explains that it is a practice & knowledge passed through generations, and that Nikau’s Father taught Tane. Now Tane feels responsible for teaching Nikau. The Taiaha provides spiritual guidance in difficult times. Tane is a patient teacher and Nikau feels a glimmer of confidence. Struggling to master the technique, Nikau reaches breaking point – he isn’t a warrior. Why does he need to train like one? Tane explains that Nikau needs to learn focus & control. But Nikau doubts his abilities. Nikau watches on as Tane exhibits his warrior prowess, feeling his own failure. Tane admits that Nikau is a natural, he must get that from his Father. Nikau feels some hope – maybe he is a warrior after all?

Martha lays down the rules for Alf. She is going to Merimbula without him until he sorts out his issues with Justin & Theo. Roo holds in her conflicted feelings about Martha leaving, stubborn ‘til the end. Mother & daughter part ways with unresolved conflict.

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