News has spread of Jasmine’s birthday. Felicity tries to recruit Jasmine to celebrate her new job at Salt, but Jasmine seems dismissive. Irene makes a big show of Jasmine’s birthday, much to Jasmine’s embarrassment. Felicity is shocked to learn it is Jasmine’s birthday. Why didn’t she say? Irene explains that Jasmine is like this every year. It’s a mystery.

Mackenzie feels the invasion of Neve in her world. Logan has slipped out in the early morning to take Neve out on a jet ski ride, then taken the day off work to spend with Neve. Mackenzie is beginning to worry. Why is he sacrificing so much for this woman? Logan insists his attention is focussed on Neve’s PTSD, nothing else. Mackenzie feels trapped in a corner. She needs to keep Logan on side but can’t stand Neve any longer. Meanwhile, Neve has had enough of Logan trying to treat her PTSD. Neve confronts Logan about the depth of his feelings for her. Neve suspects her cares for more than just her wellbeing. Logan is emphatic that he is with Mackenzie now. But he’ll always care for Neve. Their conversation is abruptly cut short by Neve mistaking a backfiring motor for something more sinister, tackling Logan to the ground. Mackenzie reaches breaking point. She can’t handle Neve any more. Mackenzie gives Logan an ultimatum: it’s either Mackenzie or Neve. His choice. Mackenzie comes home to an empty apartment. No Logan or Neve. Mackenzie is crushed. Logan checks Neve into a hotel. But there’s only one bed. Logan says he’ll take the couch. Has Logan chosen Neve?

Irene checks in with Alf after Martha’s departure. Alf knows he has business to deal with in Summer Bay before he goes. But where to start? Irene suggests he start with Justin and work his way up to Roo. Alf bites the bullet & calls Justin.

Dean is at a loss over his mother’s disappearance. Mackenzie tries to keep it positive – once she herself was missing & scared Dean. John tries to help but puts his foot in it. As Dean considers the worst…Karen arrives! She’s not happy. Why has Dean been stalking her? A sudden reunion puts Dean on the backfoot. He never told Karen about his son, Jai. It seems too much to unload on her straight away. Karen suspects something is not right. Why is Dean being so evasive? John lets slip that Dean’s doing well after all the drama. But before he can explain, Dean cuts him off. Karen gets a mysterious phone call that sets her off kilter. Dean is worried. Is Karen on the run from someone? Cornered, Karen admits she’s running away from Brett, a man who wants to marry her.

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