An evasive Jasmine asks Cash to hang out after work. She admits she’s not in the best spirits. Felicity & Irene wonder what all Jasmine’s anti-Birthday fuss is about. Felicity tells Cash it’s Jasmine’s birthday and pushes him to make grand plans, despite Jasmine’s reluctance. Felicity goes ahead and books a booze cruise as a birthday surprise on Cash’s behalf. Cash is aghast, knowing Jasmine will hate that. Cash follows his instincts and organises something more low-key. Cash recruits Irene to help him set up a romantic candlelit dinner on the pier. When Cash reveals the surprise to Jasmine, she recoils, storming off without explanation. Cash, not letting her leave upset, gets Jasmine to open up about her Birthday discomfort. In Foster care as a child, birthdays would be the one day she would allow herself to hope her Father would contact her. But now, they are an annual reminder of her abandonment. Seeing her vulnerable, Cash admits his feelings to Jasmine, declaring his love. Jasmine says she loves Cash too. The birthday dinner failed…but not all romance is lost.

Alf is frustrated by Justin not answering his call. Justin consults John on the subject. John suggests Justin get more information before meeting with an angry Alf. Alf admits his wrongdoing and asks Justin for forgiveness. Justin is receptive and glad they can put aside the charges against Theo. But Alf has no intention of retracting the charges. His apology is only for Justin, not Theo. Justin realises Alf is only acting to placate Martha. Justin leaves with a bitter taste in his mouth. John suggests Justin propose a compromise with Alf. Alf misleads Martha about resolving conflicts, in the hope that she’ll return to Summer Bay.

Karen gives Dean the history on Brett. They have been dating for a year. He’s a good guy, treats her well. So, Dean is wondering, why did she run off at his proposal? Karen insists she doesn’t do marriage & doesn’t want to break his heart. Karen is hiding out until Brett gets the message. But Dean is sure there is more to the story. Dean’s guilty conscience simmers. How long can he keep the truth about Jai from her? Dean offers to rent out a caravan for Karen, but she wants to stay with him. Dean & Ziggy try to distract Karen while they hastily strip Jai’s bedroom of all his belongings. Thinking they’ve covered their tracks, Ziggy & Dean are caught out when Karen picks up a photo off the floor. It’s a photo of Jai, Amber & Dean. Dean decides to tell Karen the truth about Jai. Karen is shocked to discover she has a grandson. But there’s more…Dean explains Amber’s ultimatum. Dean can only have access to Jai if Karen doesn’t. Karen takes the hit hard, blaming herself for being a bad parent. Dean is left wondering if he made the right choice in telling Karen?

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