Levi’s held at gunpoint by an agitated, paranoid stranger. He tries to reason with him, but he’s fresh out of jail, and refuses to risk going back. Alone with no way to call for help, how is Levi going to get out alive?

Glen’s looking for ways to lift Terese’s mood when he discovers Ned and Harlow went paintballing. They go, and Terese unleashes her inner sniper as the paintballs fly. But no matter how distracted she is, she can’t get Paul out of her mind…

Zara’s troublesome reputation spreads like wildfire across Ramsay Street. Despite her insistence she’s innocent, she’s cut off from her job and even her friends. She’s on the brink of losing her whole life in Erinsborough.

Neighbours airs Monday to Friday at 1.45pm and 6pm on Channel 5

By Eastieoaks

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