Tonight in Shieldinch…Alex learns the devastating truth of Karen’s deception but there are more troubling secrets to be revealed; Rachel Grant is torn about whether to trust Mulvaney; and Lenny and Lydia consider what the future holds for her now.

An anxious Karen finally reveals the reasons behind her disappearance to Alex but fears he’ll reject her once he knows the truth. Blackmailed by Darren Foulkes and pushed to the limit, Karen admits the pressure was unbearable but Alex worries if their relationship was part of the scam.

Realising how fragile Karen is, Alex is horrified to discover the lengths Darren Foulkes went to to silence Karen forever. Worst still, he is stunned by the revelation Tyler and Lenny worked together to offer protection. Suspicious, Alex pushes for more answers and is stunned by Karen’s final bombshell – she’s pregnant.

Elsewhere, a disorientated Rachel Grant wakes up in hospital with Mulvaney watching over her. As Rachel plans her escape from the authorities, Mulvaney reveals it’s too late – the police are watching.

As hope fades, Mulvaney offers Rachel a final chance to escape, in return for the names of her colleagues who helped cover-up Lydia’s death.
Lenny tries to make amends, urging Lydia to consider a new future in Shieldinch. Lydia challenges her assumption she would want to go back. He reminds her that she has only has two choices – go on the run or be safe with her family.


  • Alex by Jordan Young
  • Karen by Claire Dargo
  • Rachel Grant by Therese Bradley
  • Mulvaney by Laurie Ventry
  • Lenny by Frank Gallagher
  • Lydia by Jacqueline Leonard.

River City airs at 10pm on BBC Scotland