Feeling betrayed by Karl, Susan decides to ask Montana for their money back. Montana feels guilty for the ruin she’ll cause them, but the plan falls apart when she overhears Susan badmouthing her. Chagrined, will Susan be able to get their money back?

When Chloe and Nicolette both see Glen acting strange around Kiri, they decide to team up. They talk to Leo, who doesn’t believe Glen has bad intentions, but promises to follow up. Backed into a corner, Glen’s in trouble.

Mackenzie gets her classmates to cover for her at uni so she can make the promo shoot. Her blasé attitude towards school worries Hendrix… but he can’t deny how incredible she does at the shoot. Deep down, he has a fear that Mackenzie is becoming a little self-obsessed.

Hendrix reassures Mackenzie at her first professional photo shoot (Picture: Channel 5)

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