Doctors is back from its Easter break and Princess (Laura White) finds herself having to pay for things Bear (Dex Lee) is left trying to keep both Valerie (Sarah Moyle) and Karen (Jan Pearson) happy.

Previously on Doctors Scarlett (Kia Pegg) quit, a fact that she hides from Brian (Simon Lowe). Scarlett’s exit is talk of the staff but Valerie feels sorry for her. Unfortunately, it means they have more work to cover without Scarlett.

Scarlett apologises, and Bear admits they could have helped her more.

Emma (Dido Miles) is left with a temp receptionist at Sutton Vale, Molly Parton (Angela Bain) – can you guess who’s she a fan of?

Things are on the decline for Princess when her allowance from mummy and daddy is stopped and her card is declined. Princess storms off when Sid (Ashley Rice) analyses her presentation. Later, when Sid tries to say sorry Princess suggests going for a drink…

Working a 9-5 shift? (Picture: BBC)

Doctors airs on BBC One today at 1.30pm