Emmerdale revisits Holly’s story next week when Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) drops the news to Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) that she knew Moira’s daughter who passed away in 2016.

Moira’s inspired when Suzy suggests she hire out her barns for weddings. Suzy inadvertently puts her foot in it when she asks Moira about using the field where her daughter is buried.

Suzy’s connection with the village goes deeper than knowing Leyla (Picture: ITV)

When Leyla nods to a photo of Holly, Suzy is dumbstruck to recognise her. Leyla’s confused when an unsettled Suzy bolts from Moira’s after repeatedly staring at Holly’s picture.

Back at the cafe, Leyla finds Suzy surreptitiously browsing an online remembrance page for Holly causing Suzy to admit that she knew her…

Leyla’s overwhelmed when Suzy opens up.

With Moira teased as having a big storyline ahead it remains to be seen how long before this little nugget of information is revealed and what will be the consequences.

Shortly before Holly’s death she began a relationship with Jai Sharma (Christopher Bisson) and made plans to attend a friends wedding where she had been hired as the photographer.

Jai was recently accused of carrying the drugs found at Take A Vow which Leyla backed him up on – but kept quiet over who they really belonged to. With Jai and Holly’s history he will no doubt be another village resident wanting answers when Suzy’s secret comes out.

Jai and Holly talked about going public as a couple (Picture: ITV)

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