Rory is beginning to think that Briain may not be all he is trying to portray. What has brought Rory to this conclusion?

Caitríona is under pressure to find a date for Bobbi Lee’s wedding. Will she manage to secure one before the end of the day?

Bobbi Lee is desperate to lose weight, but try as she might, she is finding it increasingly hard to do so. But an advertisement in a magazine raises her hopes. What could this be?

Sonny is hopeful that it will be all systems go up at the site but a call from the foreman suggests otherwise. What has happened now?

Caitriona is missing Vince. Tadhg is delighted when work has to stop on the site. Briain has a plan to make everyone think Berni is jealous of his new relationship.

(Pictures: TG4)

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