A concerned Dean notices Chloe’s possessive behaviour around Bella & tries to intervene. But Bella feels guilty for kicking Chloe out & causing her to sleep with Theo.

Leah sits Dimitri down to get some answers about his conflict with Theo.

Justin pushes Theo to come clean about why he doesn’t want to live with Dimitri. It’s the only way to get Dimitri off Theo’s back and get back to life as normal in Summer Bay.

A good-spirited Roo offers to help Marilyn find some purpose in her life by writing a list of activities. Marilyn feels a little invaded, insisting her earlier complaints were just a bad day.

When Chloe & Theo have a friendly run-in after their night together, sparks seem to fly.

A friendly John turns brittle on meeting Dimitri, recalling Theo’s secret confession about Dimitri’s abuse. When John mentions Theo’s community service, Dimitri flies into an accusatory rage at Justin & Leah. How did Theo end up in trouble with the law on their watch?

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