Determined to repair the Parata family rift, Dean expresses to Chloe how upset Mia was about their no-show for family dinner.

Bella is riding the joy of a successful heartfelt chat with Chloe until Nikau delivers some hard truth. Chloe lied about being in touch with Mia. Mia hasn’t spoken to Chloe for days. Chloe is just saying things to appease Bella’s concerns. Nikau sees through Chloe’s act, but Bella is shocked.

Theo is surprised to find Ziggy at the garage. Wasn’t today her day off?

Refusing to concede, Bella lays down the law with Chloe. She knows Chloe lied about contacting Mia, so it’s time she goes home and faces her problems.

Roo checks in with an unmoored Marilyn, who laments the emptiness of her life. Roo suggests Marilyn fill her life with things she loves, but Marilyn seems determined to fill it with work.

Driving away from Dimitri, Theo stumbles upon Chloe walking alone. He pulls over and offers her a lift.

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