The poker games get underway. Felicity is in her element, greeting all the guests, encouraging the top-shelf drinks to flow. Mackenzie marvels at Felicity’s easy grace while conducting illegal business.

Eager to escape Bella’s two shadows – Nikau & Chloe – Ziggy & Dean head to Salt for dinner. But they find a ‘Closed for Private Function’ sign outside. Justin & Logan are confusedly waiting there too, wanting takeaway pizza. Salt is never closed. Desperately trying to keep public curiosity at bay, Mackenzie goes outside to calm the concern and turn them away.

Tane & Felicity arrive home, champagne in hand, ready to continue the celebrations. But they find a fridge full of food and an empty house. Did the family dinner not happen?

Marilyn seems distant, so a concerned Roo enquires. Marilyn admits she’s felt off since returning from her time away. Roo suggests she could be shaken up by the recent robbery at work. Marilyn is dismissive, but Roo’s concern grows.

Following Mia’s emotional outpour last night, Dean confronts Tane on the beach. Where was he last night while Mia was down in the dumps?

Justin gets a sudden call from Leah announcing Dimitri’s arrival in Summer Bay.

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