Mia unleashes her frustration on a punching bag. Copping the hit, Tane can read the signs. What’s bothering her? Mia worries that Nikau & Chloe are relying too much on their friends to support them.

Jasmine is dismayed by Rose & Xander’s decision to stay in Summer Bay.

Cash confesses that his intervention at the police station to Rose may have played a part in the siblings’ decision to stay.

Mackenzie interrogates Felicity on her illegal gambling idea. Felicity makes a compelling case – her former boss would make upwards of $10 000 a night tax-free running high roller events. Mackenzie is tempted.

Sniffing a secret excitement between Mackenzie & Felicity, Ryder wants in. Mackenzie is reluctant to drag Ryder into her illegal activities, but Felicity pushes her. They need allies. And a bartender.

Tane’s suspicions about Felicity’s secretive behaviour lead him to confront her. What is she hiding? Not wanting to lie to Tane, Felicity decides to bring him along to the poker night. Mackenzie isn’t happy about her secret getting out, but she’s glad to have supporters. Far from judgemental, Tane is impressed by what they’ve pulled together.

Salt is transformed into a glamorous, dimly-lit poker room. Everyone is dressed to the nines, looking the part. But despite Felicity, Ryder & Tane’s glee at such an exclusive secret, Mackenzie is on edge. Is the poker night going to work?

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