A daunted Faith arrives at her chemotherapy appointment, dreading the treatment. The gulf between her and an absent Cain appears all the more painful when Faith sees another patient’s relationship with their son. Faith paints a picture of familial harmony to another patient at the hospital as she lies about Chas and Cain’s whereabouts, unaware that a hovering Wendy has heard everything.

Although Faith’s embarrassed to have been caught out, Wendy reassures her that she finds herself doing the same with Lee. Chas is suspicious when she finds a half-naked Nate chatting to Moira. Not buying Moira’s innocent explanation, Chas becomes convinced that she’s walked in on the resumption of their affair.  When Moira continues to cover for Faith and Chas overhears her on the phone arranging to meet someone in her empty house, Chas’ suspicions increase. Convinced that her mum’s helping Moira rekindle her relationship with Nate, she resolves to catch the pair in the act.

The next day, when Chas discovers Moira dressed in her robe, she bursts into the bedroom but is stunned to find Faith inside as opposed to Nate. Desperately hiding her illness, Faith stuns both Moira and Chas when she flounders and explains Moira’s state of undress… Uncomfortable to see how much her lies have escalated, Faith’s awkward as she hides her symptoms from her family and is forced to deal with the emotional implications of her diagnosis alone.

When Pollard refuses to give an annoyed Noah any shifts at the B&B, Mack steps in to stick up for Noah and an eavesdropping Charity’s grateful to see him publicly defending her son. Charity thanks Mack for sticking up for Noah and the pair agree to put their argument to one side. The next day, Charity’s shocked to learn that Noah’s court date for his sentencing has been confirmed for next week and is hurt by the distance between her and her son. She tries to reassure him that she’ll always be there for him but despairs when Noah rejects her. 

Out of coke, Leyla snaps at Priya when she learns that she’s upset some important clients. She leaves Priya to deal with the journalist, who has come to interview her for a bridal magazine, and heads off to rectify Priya’s mistake. In a moment of desperation, Leyla searches Suzy’s bag for coke, only to be caught red-handed by Suzy herself. Leyla squirms as she struggles to explain why she was looking in her bag. Suzy admonishes Leyla for taking coke but there is no getting through to her.

Meanwhile, Priya’s thrown when the journalist insists on taking photos for the article. Conscious of her scars, Priya panics. When Leyla realises the journalist has left, she lashes out at an embarrassed Priya. Shocked by her friend’s cold reaction, Priya is devastated. Although furious with how she has treated his sister, Jai’s sympathetic to Leyla when she apologises.

Jai opens up to Leyla about his addiction and words resonate with her. Jai admits that he still has his old dealer’s number on a piece of paper and Leyla demands that he burns the number as an act of catharsis. Is all as it seems or does Leyla have an ulterior motive?

Sam’s gutted to hear an oblivious Lydia slating the caravan he secretly been working on and quickly covers the fact that he bought it for her.

Proud David can’t bring himself to confide in Vic about his money troubles. David brings up his financial difficulties to Pollard explaining how much the pandemic impacted his business. Will Pollard help his son out?

Nicola hatches a plan to spend some time with Jimmy when Bernice expresses interest in her council work.

Suzy struggles to balance her guilt when Moira opens up to her about Holly.

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