Mack collars Ethan in the Woolie to ask about Noah’s chances in court. When Kerry overhears their conversation, she and Charity argue about Noah until Charity throws Kerry out. Charity’s pleased to see Noah outside the pub but is quickly hurt when he continues to blame her for his woes.

Noah’s thrown off when Mack steps in to defend Charity. Noah’s stunned when Charity takes Mack’s side as she sticks up for herself. Despite sending him away, she’s heartbroken to see a resigned Noah head off alone. In the pub, Charity wonders if she’s done the right thing.

At Wishing Well, despite his irritable mood, Noah’s grateful for Belle’s support as they leave for court. To Belle’s disappointment, Noah refuses to get his stuff from Charity’s, claiming not to have a mum anymore. Charity’s determined to put on a brave face ahead of Noah’s sentencing. When Sarah realises that they’ve forgotten her birthday, she’s gutted to be constantly overshadowed by Noah and his problems.

Outside of the Village Hall, Amelia wishes Noah well in court but he’s too distracted to engage in conversation. Charity’s devastated to witness her son leave the village looking so lost and alone. Now in court, Charity sees Noah’s reaction to her arrival in court and regrets coming. As the sentencing commences, the group anxiously await Noah’s fate.

Chloe decides to throw Sarah a small birthday party that evening to make up for her family. Charity breaks down as she reflects on all the chaos in her life, blaming herself for her family’s misfortunes. Later at the cafe, Charity struggles to hold it together as Brenda grills her about Noah.

Soon Charity hits rock bottom. Sarah’s anger with Charity peaks when she realises Charity’s, too distracted by Noah and resolves to leave the village for good. Faith catches Sarah trying to hide her suitcase and messages Charity.

Can broken Charity convince her to stay as struggles to cope with the loss of another child?

Can Charity change Sarah’s mind? (Pictures: ITV)

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