• Writer – Kirsty Halton
  • Writer – Jane Pearson
  • Director – Bob Tomson

Faith attempts to make light of her cancer and focus on the positives, troubling a fretting Chas. Chas is still unable to cope with the reality. Paddy feels useless, unable to truly help his wife. Out on Main Street, Chas apologies to a downbeat Al. The two open up to each other about their respective families causing a sympathetic Al to comfort a distressed Chas. Al reasons with a contemplative Chas, suggesting that she be more honest with Faith so they can both face the reality of her death. Later at the Woolie, Chas apologises for pushing Faith towards more chemo. Faith’s tough exterior crumbles and the two embrace, finally having cleared the air. Chas takes out her frustrations over Paddy bringing home hospice flyers on Al after he suggests she’s taken it the wrong way. Chas softens when Al states he could be her friend if she lets him. Chas thanks him for helping her through a tough time but keeps up her tough exterior. Chas attempts to get Al to open up and the two begin to relax with each other, even sharing an intense moment. When Chas says she wants to forget everything that’s happening, Al and Chas bond over a bottle of wine and stories of Faith. Upon leaving, Chas stumbles onto Al and the two share a passionate kiss. 

Suzy begrudgingly hands over her dealer’s number and vows that the two of them are done. There’s a flicker of regret from Leyla before she calls the number… Later Liam ponders Leyla’s recent mood swings and comes to a conclusion. For info: he thinks Leyla could be pregnant. 

Upset Sam decides to scrap the caravan he’s bought for Lydia in fear that it won’t be good enough for her but when Lyda cottons on, she forms a plan.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV.

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