Despite Tane’s best efforts to distract her, Felicity can’t stop worrying about Mackenzie’s sentencing over the illegal Poker nights. Antsy Felicity can’t bear to sit still and wait. How can they help Mackenzie? Tane reminds her their hands are tied. They just need to sit and hang tight. At work, Felicity finds an unnerving letter from Mackenzie instructing her to run Salt while she’s in prison. A horrified Felicity turns to Tane – Mac thinks she’s going to prison?! In a guilty panic, Felicity claims she’s the last person deserving of responsibility, since she landed Mac in this mess. A sturdy Tane insists that Felicity owes it to Mac to keep her business running. Feeling inadequate, but determined to try, Felicity puts on her managerial hat.

Terrified of going to prison, Mackenzie declares she can’t face court. Dean & Ziggy insist that they will be there to support her, no matter the outcome. A solemn Mac instructs Ziggy to look after Dean, before marching out in her court attire. After the sentencing, Ziggy is elated to be reunited with Mackenzie – she evaded prison with a good behaviour bond and a fine. Smiles all round despite Mac’s continuing debt troubles.

When Felicity’s initial relief wears off, she snaps at Mackenzie – how could she dump Salt on her without consultation? Indignant that Mackenzie was playing on Felicity’s guilt, Mackenzie sets her straight – she chose Felicity to run Salt in her absence because she trusts her. The two women resolve their issues, but the issue of Mac’s debts remain. Dean tries to console a despondent Mac into celebrating her freedom, but all Mac can see is her failures.

Justin is eager to find out the result of Theo’s TAFE assignment. Leah, unaware that Justin actually did the assignment himself, can’t understand Justin’s overinvestment. When Theo calls with the good news – he got a distinction – Justin leaps into the air in triumph. Leah quickly reads his pride and asks how much of the assignment did Justin do? A nervous Justin backpedals – busted. Leah is infuriated that Justin allowed Theo to hand in an assignment he didn’t complete himself. Refusing to back down, Leah demands that Justin tell the TAFE about the plagiarism. They need to set an example in honesty for Theo.

Empathising with Mackenzie’s plight, Felicity has an idea of how to help. Tane is wary of Felicity getting swept into solving Mackenzie’s problems again but knows she’s on an unstoppable mission. A determined Felicity shows up on Mackenzie’s doorstep with a proposal to solve Mac’s debt problem. Mackenzie is intrigued – what exactly is Felicity offering?

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