Ziggy is impressed by Mackenzie’s new ‘hands off’ approach to co-ownership. With newfound freedom, Mackenzie can take time off and know that Salt is in safe hands with Felicity. But Ziggy realises there is one thing missing from this new chapter for Mac…romance! On a mission, Ziggy tries recruiting Dean to the cause, but there’s no way he’s hooking his sister up with one of his hot surfer mates.

A giddy Felicity reports the good news – the band night was a huge success. Salt’s business is booming. Wanting to keep the momentum, Mac suggests having Lyrik play paid regular gigs. Knowing how reluctant the band were to play, Felicity makes excuses for their unavailability – they’re trying to make it big, not make it big in a small town. Mac is embracing this new identity for Salt, but Felicity is reluctant. For Mac’s sake, Felicity tries to rope the band back in.

On edge after receiving an anonymous threat, Tane fears his family is unsafe. Nikau clocks Tane’s strange, cagey behaviour. Covering the truth, Tane lies that there was a break in nearby and he’s a bit concerned. Nikau is wary – he didn’t hear anything about a break in. But Tane is adamant – make sure they lock the house. Meanwhile, Tane secretly arranges to meet with the bikies. Felicity senses something is up with Tane too. A friendly Tex asks Tane if they can discuss a workout program together sometime. Preoccupied by the bikie threat, Tane fails to notice Tex’s unusual curiosity about Tane’s life.

Nikau proudly admires Bella’s New York photography. But it’s no substitute for their connection – he is missing Bella like crazy and can’t seem to catch her on the phone. The time difference is a real strain. Everyone notices how lovesick Nikau has become.

At the bikie headquarters, the head honcho, Marty, instructs Tex to keep Tane sweating. They want him scared before they bargain. One way or another, they’re getting their money back. When Tane agrees to meet them in a secret location, he is taken against his will in the back of a van with a bag over his head. Back at their headquarters, Tane realises that Tex isn’t a keen gym member, but one of the bikies threatening him.

The bikies force Tane into a chair for a ‘little chat’. When Tane plays dumb about Ari using the stolen money to buy the gym, things take a darker turn. A ruthless Marty threatens to bring Chloe in. Fearing for his family, Tane relents. A fierce Marty lays down his demands – Tane is to repay the $150 000 that Ari stole, plus interest. When Tane objects that he hasn’t got the money, the bikies assure Tane that he will find a way.

Felicity & Nikau realise that Tane has mysteriously disappeared without a word. Tane’s lie about ‘checking in on Nikau’ is uncovered and they begin to wonder…is Tane in trouble? The two agree to keep an eye out for him, their concern growing.

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