A disgruntled Tane is unceremoniously tossed out of the Bikie van. Tex gives Tane a dry send off, saying they’ll be in touch soon. On edge, Tane returns to town and brushes off Nikau’s concerns about his whereabouts. Equally dismissive with Felicity, Tane’s behaviour is setting off alarm bells. Where did he disappear to and why is he so cagey about it?

Under pressure from Nikau, Tane admits the truth about the bikies but makes Nikau swear to secrecy. Nikau is shocked to learn that Ari & Mia used the stolen money. A despondent Tane tells Nikau there is only one solution – they need to sell the gym. It’s the only way to keep their family safe. With renewed conviction, Tane calls Tex to say he’s found a solution. They arrange to meet. Nikau is desperate to come along but Tane refuses to allow Nikau to be endangered.

But when Tane announces that he’s going to sell the gym, Tex shuts him down. The bikies have a better plan – they want to use the gym to launder money. It seems Tane won’t be able to get the bikies off his back so easily. Tane fills Nikau in on the situation so they can protect Chloe & Felicity. Both agree to keep the bikie threat a secret from the women, reluctant to alarm them. Covering for Tane’s disappearing act, Nikau takes the blame, appeasing Felicity’s concern for now.

Called to a motor vehicle accident, Rose is alarmed to find Xander performing CPR on a young cyclist casualty. Irritated, Xander tells Rose to deal with the driver who reeks of alcohol. Xander’s rage boils over as the casualty is declared dead, attacking the drunk driver. Cash holds Xander back as a worried Rose takes the driver under arrest. Pulling Xander aside, Rose notes his unprofessional emotional investment. Defensive, Xander tells Rose to do her job and let Xander do his.

Debriefing on the accident, Rose & Cash worry about Xander’s outburst at the drunk driver. Cash wonders if they should report his behaviour to someone, but Rose insists that Xander was just having a bad day. Rose is surprised to find a sympathetic ear in Tex, who agrees that Xander is quite intense. A reflective Rose explains that Xander used to be jovial when he was young, but he had a few hard knocks – a disastrous relationship and then their father dying. Perhaps Xander is still dealing with a lot of emotional baggage.

Cash is missing Jasmine like crazy, feeling tormented by free time. Noticing Cash’s loneliness, John suggests they grab a drink together. Charmed, Cash agrees. To their pleasant surprise, a drink turns into a heartfelt chat about the challenge of being first responders. It’s the beginning of a friendship between the two men.

At home alone, Xander is tormented by memories of the accident, descending into an anxious panic. Hiding in his room and smothering his thoughts with headphones, Xander is clearly not coping with the stress of his work as a paramedic. Coming home to check on Xander, Rose is alarmed to find his bedroom door locked. Fearing the worst, Rose barges through his door, relieved to find Xander okay. But Xander flies into a defensive rage, telling Rose to get out. Perhaps Xander is not okay, after all…

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