After barging through Xander’s bedroom door, Rose is on the backfoot with an angry Xander. He just wanted some privacy to process his thoughts after the killing of the young cyclist by a drunk driver. What Rose considers as unprofessionalism, Xander defends as his humanity. But Rose is worried that Xander might not have the right stress management strategies to cope with being a paramedic.

Rose turns to Cash as a sounding board – Cash agrees that Xander’s repeated overinvestment in work is problematic. First his obsession with Millie after the car crash, now the dead cyclist. It’s normal for a beginner, but not for someone as experienced as Xander.

Deciding to confront Xander about his coping strategies, Rose is shocked to discover that Xander already has one – he covers his body in tattoos. Defiantly pulling off his shirt, Xander exposes the ink marking his battle scars. Rose reels in horror. Xander argues that he’s memorialising his patients, but Rose counters that its unsustainable – he can’t get a tattoo every time he loses a patient.

A compassionate Rose wonders if Xander is in the wrong profession. Cash kindly mentions how highly regarded Xander is as a paramedic by all his patients. They decide to keep a watchful eye on Xander to monitor his stress.

Chloe & Theo’s romantic night in is intruded upon by an unannounced Nikau. Inviting himself in, Chloe assumes that Nikau is missing Bella and wants some company. Unbeknownst to the young couple, Nikau is trying to keep a close eye on Chloe after the bikie threat. A bemused Chloe & Theo share confusion over Nikau’s strange behaviour. Why is he suddenly interested to know where Chloe is all the time?

Nikau’s overprotectiveness begins to draw attention. Trying to get Chloe on board, Nikau tells her she’s in danger, but won’t explain why. This only perturbs Chloe further – What is going on? Now Chloe has caught Nikau’s paranoia, fearing someone is after her. Theo refuses to be shut out, demanding to know what Nikau said.

Since returning from Merimbula, Alf is in a foul mood, and Roo can’t figure out why. But when Roo calls Martha for some insight, she gets some bad news: Martha has decided to stay in Merimbula for good. Roo is rightly devastated by her mother’s decision, but what does this mean for Alf? Will he be leaving Summer Bay? A stubborn Alf walks out, refusing to answer Roo’s questions.

Felicity is walking alone down a street when a van insidiously stalks behind her, cat-calling. Felicity’s fear turns to quick elation – it’s Lyrik, her band friends! Since they never responded to Felicity’s messages, they decided to come back to Summer Bay to visit. And of course, they’ll be crashing at her place. Felicity grins and hops in the van, happy to have her friends back in town.

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