A wary Chloe fills Theo in on the mysterious danger. Nikau was vague about the details, but clear that Chloe should be careful. Chloe tries to get a quiet word with a distracted Felicity, hoping that she might know more. But Felicity is wrangling the band, telling Chloe there’s nothing to worry about – if there was a problem, Tane would have said something.

Meanwhile, a giddy Theo is Lyrik’s latest fan, admitting that being in a band was his childhood dream. But Theo’s strict father put a harsh stop to his dream ever becoming reality. A supportive Chloe remarks how happy Theo looks when playing guitar. If he wants to play, maybe he should? A dismissive Theo pushes that thought aside, insisting he’s happy with his life how it is.

Lyrik are quick to make themselves at home at Felicity’s, dumping their music gear unceremoniously on the living room floor. Felicity steels herself for the big pitch about doing regular gigs at Salt. Bob barely gives Felicity a chance before shutting her down – Lyrik doesn’t do pub gigs in hick towns. Wanting some space to discuss the proposal, the band boots Felicity out of her own house. Felicity is more than willing – this could be the beginning of a new era for Salt & a bolster to her new co-owner credibility.

Tensions in the band boil over as Bob refuses to play a regular gig at Salt. Remi & Eden think it’s a great way to get regular income. Poor Kirby is caught in the middle between her boyfriend Bob, and her bandmates.

An infuriated Eden storms out of the band meeting to consult Felicity. Can Felicity make an offer that Bob can’t refuse? Old friends Eden & Felicity put their heads together to cook up an irrefutable offer for Bob. Remi is sceptical but puts his faith in Felicity’s charm. Felicity offers them a sweet deal indeed. Overexcited, Remi & Eden chime in their enthusiasm which sends Bob marching out. Unimpressed, Felicity tells them to leave the negotiating to Felicity next time, like they agreed. Eden & Remi are sheepish. Can they turn Bob around? Seeing Felicity on edge Eden gives her confirmation – tell Mackenzie the band are on board. They’ll get Kirby to turn Bob around like last time. Felicity sighs with relief.

A patient Kirby’s efforts to turn Bob around fall flat. Instead, Bob proposes that they ditch Remi & Eden and strike out on their own. They can always find other musicians to fill their places. Kirby is shocked – is the band being broken up?

Burying himself in work, Alf avoids the decision at hand – will he move to Merimbula to be with Martha? Roo can’t stand Alf’s stubborn procrastinating. This is a big life decision that deserves his attention. Roo feels stuck once again between stubborn parents, feeling responsible for resolving their problems. A sympathetic Justin offers Alf a refuge at his place to escape Roo’s interrogation. Grateful for the respite, Alf shares a beer and his thoughts with Justin. Alf fears he may need to leave Summer Bay since Martha has decided to stay put in Merimbula. A receptive Justin understands that’s good for Martha, but what’s good for Alf? A forlorn Alf concedes that if Merimbula makes Martha happy, then that’s where he needs to be too. Decisive, Alf faces Roo.

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