Dean is rattled when one of his surf students asks for Mackenzie’s phone number. A protective Dean thinks it’s a bad idea since Mac is just getting her life back together, but Ziggy thinks its fantastic. Mackenzie could do with a little bit of fun in her life. Dean bites his tongue while Ziggy makes not-so-subtle suggestions about spicing Mac’s life up. Sensing the weird vibe, Mackenzie demands to know what’s up. Dean gives his student’s number to Mac as Ziggy jumps up in excitement. Mac takes the number but says she’s not ready to date anyone yet. Ziggy deflates. But the next morning Mac is dolled up and Ziggy twigs – she’s got a date with the surf student! Mac grins, ready to turn a new page. But on the way to the date, Mackenzie calls and cancels, deciding that she’s just not ready for dating.

Roo tries to wrap her head around Alf’s decision to move to Merimbula with Martha. He wants to support Martha, but his heart is still in Summer Bay. Roo suggests he live between Summer Bay & Merimbula, but Alf laments being in the Bay without Martha. Wary that Martha is asking a lot of Alf, Roo encourages Alf to do what is right for him. It should be a two-way street. But a sombre Alf is resolved – he’s leaving Summer Bay. Trying to see the positives, Roo & Alf imagine a fresh start for him in a new place. Alf decides to discuss it with Martha before deciding and heads off to Merimbula.

Eden & Remi play pool at the surf club, leaving Kirby to work her magic on an intransigent Bob. Remi throws a flirtatious greeting to Ziggy, irritating Dean. Eden jumps in to keep the peace, warning Remi to keep the locals on side. If they want to play in this town, they don’t want enemies.

Justin makes a romantic show of his appreciation for Leah. After seeing how torn up Alf is over leaving Summer Bay for Martha, Justin is grateful that he & Leah have it so good. A heartfelt Justin professes that he’d follow Leah anywhere. Leah is touched and full of empathy for Alf.

Kirby begs Bob to give it some time before making a rash decision to ditch Remi & Eden. Besides, Kirby isn’t guaranteeing that she’d leave with him – Remi & Eden are her friends. Kirby makes an impassioned plea to the whole band for diplomacy – no more low blows. A fragile truce barely lasts five minutes before insult-hurling is unleashed. At breaking point, Bob quits the band, throwing band equipment out of his van. Eden & Remi are shocked to catch him mid-departure.

Kirby tearfully begs Bob not to walk out, but his mind is made up. But when Bob asks Kirby to go with him, she refuses. She’s staying with her friends and the band. An outraged Bob drives off alone. The dead weight of Bob’s ego is gone, but now the band has a new dilemma – they’ve got to find a new lead singer.

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