After Remi & Eden’s assurance that the band would do the gig, Felicity hits the ground running. Mackenzie is impressed by Felicity’s capable boss-woman attitude. But Felicity’s exhilaration hits a wall when the band deliver the news – Bob’s gone and he’s not coming back. Despite her heartbreak, Kirby provides a solution: hold auditions for a new lead singer. Immediately. The band are on board, getting to work on advertising the last-minute auditions.

Theo can’t get a break from Ziggy’s ruthless study schedule. Every hour of his week has been accounted for. Theo feels burdened, but Ziggy claims she’s doing Theo a favour – it’s for his benefit not Ziggy’s.

Mackenzie is shocked to discover leaflets advertising auditions at Salt today. Felicity quickly gets her on board – Lyrik needs a new lead singer, for the band’s sake and Salt’s. Salt is turned into an improvised audition space as the band await what talent Summer Bay has to offer.

Kirby invites a nervous Theo to audition. Becoming a stage parent, Justin brags about Theo’s musical talent, embarrassing Theo, who stuffs the leaflet in his pocket dismissively. During his study session with Ziggy, Theo can’t concentrate, his mind on the auditions. A disruptive Justin encourages Theo to audition, infuriating Ziggy. Playing in a band would be a huge distraction from Theo’s mechanical apprenticeship. Justin returns from the auditions to report back to Ziggy & Theo – they were terrible. Lyrik is still on the lookout for a new lead singer. As Ziggy & Justin dissolve into argument, Theo slips out the back door to take a shot at his dreams.

The auditions are a horror show. The weirdest that Summer Bay has to offer is on parade, much to the distress of the lunch patrons at Salt. The band begin to worry that they won’t find someone. The band call it quits on auditions and begin packing up their equipment. The restaurant has emptied of patrons. It’s a sad end to an optimistic day…until Theo walks in. The band say he’s too late and keep packing up. Thinking quickly, Theo grabs Remi’s guitar and starts playing. He’s good. The whole room stops and turns to watch Theo…a star is born?

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