Theo’s impressive audition draws a crowd, led by a proud Chloe. Everyone is stunned – they didn’t know Theo could play & sing! The band are grinning ear to ear, but keep an anxious Theo waiting for an answer. Chloe likes the idea of having a rock star boyfriend.

The band are cautious about recruiting Theo too quickly – they barely know him. They don’t want a repeat of egotistical Bob. Despite the hesitation, Kirby is Theo’s biggest champion. A shy Theo joins the band for a drink & casual interrogation. The band are surprised to learn that Theo had never performed for an audience before his audition. There’s a moment of connection between Theo & Kirby as he explains that his father never wanted him to be a musician. Kirby’s family wanted her to be a doctor. Post-interrogation, Theo is on edge, desperate for an answer.

The band employ their trusty method of decision-making – a game of pool. Remi thinks they should cast a wider net, hold auditions in the city. Kirby disagrees – Theo is their man. But Eden sinks the deciding ball. Theo gets the call that changes his life – he’s Lyrik’s new lead singer! Justin & Theo leap for joy.

Tane & Nikau secretly deal with the disastrous decision by the bikies to money launder via the gym. A relentless Tex is hovering around Tane, keeping the pressure up. Nikau hovers around Chloe, making sure of her safety. A desperate Tane offers the bikies more money than what he owes, but they are adamant – the gym is worth more to them as a laundering business. It’s not up for discussion. For emphasis, Tex threatens to harm Chloe if they refuse. Nikau is shocked to discover that Tex is one of the bikies. The bikies intimidate Tane & Nikau, stalking them on revving motorbikes.

Tane smuggles a terrified Chloe in secret to a motel. A patient Tane explains that she is in danger and needs to go immediately to New Zealand. Firm, Tane orders Chloe to call Theo and say she’s not going to see him for a while.

Felicity returns home to a panicked Nikau locking doors and peeking through blinds, worried the bikies are staked out the front. Packing a bag, Nikau tells Felicity to keep everything locked and answer the door to nobody. Freaking out, Felicity asks if Tane is okay. Nikau assures her that Tane’s fine and will be back soon. Nikau slips out with the backpack under the cover of darkness.

Bursting with the good news, Theo keeps calling Chloe to no avail. In the motel, a devastated Chloe avoids Theo’s insistent calls, unable to say goodbye. When Tane pushes her to answer, Chloe reluctantly tells Theo she can’t come celebrate – there’s a family issue she needs to deal with. Theo is taken aback – what’s going on? But Chloe hangs up before he gets an answer. When Nikau arrives at the motel with Chloe’s packed bag, Chloe refuses to go, locking herself in the bathroom. How are Tane & Nikau going to protect Chloe if she won’t comply?

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