A smitten Rose finally gets some alone time with Tex. She wonders where he’s been, Rose hasn’t seen him for a while. A charming Tex silences her questions with flattery. But Tex’s phone keeps buzzing on the table, killing the mood. It’s Marty trying to locate Chloe. Excusing himself, Tex goes to deal with bikie business, promising Rose a breakfast date instead. When Tex bails on breakfast as well, Rose is left in the lurch. But now her police senses are tingling – Tex isn’t at work when he claimed he would be. Rose gets the sneaking suspicion that Tex is deceiving her.

Wary of not becoming an uncool stage parent, Justin lets Theo & the band celebrate at the house without him. Now he & Leah can barely keep their eyes open since the band’s all-night rehearsal in their living room.

Overhearing Tane & Nikau fretting about Felicity’s safety, Chloe emerges from the motel bathroom. As the reality of her endangerment sets in, Chloe realises escaping to New Zealand may be best for everyone. Chloe can hideout with Mia & the extended family. Tane arranges for a relative to take Chloe to the airport. Offering Nikau an escape to New Zealand too, Tane is quickly shut down. Nikau wants to stay and support Tane through this bikie crisis. Tane is grateful to have his nephew on side.

Tane finds a panicked Felicity hiding in the house alone, desperate for answers. Summoning the courage, Tane explains the whole bikie situation to her. When Felicity suggests going to the police, Tane counters that they can’t admit to using stolen money to buy the gym. Realising how awful this must be for her, Tane offers Felicity a chance to leave him if it’s too hard. But Felicity stops him with assurance – she’s not going anywhere. A ferocious Felicity kicks Tex out of Salt, warning him to never come back. Tex remains cool but threatening, & Felicity is relieved when he goes.

Tane & Nikau’s relative, Kiri, escorts a despondent Chloe to the airport. Tane warns Chloe not to call Theo before she goes, just in case Theo sets off alarm bells. Chloe is given a teary but heartfelt goodbye by Tane & Nikau. Now that Chloe is safe, Tane & Nikau can deal with the bikies.

A smug Tane finds Tex searching the gym for Chloe and is quick to inform Tex that Chloe is gone. Tex warns that Tane can’t keep everyone he loves out of the bikies’ reach. Not backing down, Tane threatens to go to the cops. Tane & Felicity are horrified to discover Rose & Tex kissing on the beach – Tex is dating a cop?! Felicity wonders if they have a responsibility to tell Rose who Tex really is. Felicity becomes a vulnerable Tane’s rock through the bikie torment.

Warning the family that all their loved ones could be targeted, Tane strikes fear in the house. Taking this on board, Nikau makes a harsh decision for Bella’s safety – Nikau breaks up with Bella over the phone, telling her not to come back from New York. He’s heartbroken but knows it’s for the best. Devastated, Bella is left alone & confused in New York. Is this the end for Bella & Nikau?

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