After encountering strange looks from Tane & Felicity at the beach, Rose shows up on Tane’s doorstep with questions. Is there something going on between Tane & Tex that Rose needs to know about? Tane is reluctant to give details, but warns Rose that Tex isn’t who she thinks he is. Heeding this advice, Rose starts digging into Tex online – it appears he has no online profile. Strange…

After hearing about Xander’s work stress, Cash is keeping a close eye on Xander. Irritated, Xander does not need babysitting from Cash or his sister. Tenacious Cash convinces Xander to have a casual drink with him, but Cash’s prodding sends a touchy Xander running. An indignant Xander confronts Rose about discussing his private life with other people.

Following her niggle, Rose begins to ask around about Tex. Apparently Tex has quit working at the bait shop and caravan park. Equally keen for answers about Tex’s flaky behaviour, Roo invites Rose for a chat. From their discussion, Rose learns that Tex was already in town when Marilyn hired him. Wanting to be certain of his identity, Rose asks Roo for any employment paperwork they might have on Tex. Apologetic, Marilyn realises she didn’t take any identity documents from Tex when she hired him in a hurry.

Witnessing the hostility between Xander & Rose, Irene invites them over for a peacekeeping dinner. Cash is anxious, wondering how Xander will react. When Xander barely touches his food, Irene checks in with a brittle Xander. Feeling scrutinised, Xander lashes out, accusing Rose of airing out his problems but not hers. Why doesn’t Rose share with the family that she’s in love with her sister’s boyfriend? Cash & Irene look on in shock. Rose rushes out after Xander.

Family dinner is an epic fail…and now Cash has some explaining to do to Irene. A wise Irene advises Cash to tell Jasmine the truth about the drunken night with Rose. A repentant Rose clears the air with Irene & Cash, but Xander is still stewing.

A vulnerable Xander confesses to Rose that he’s not coping with his job as a paramedic. He falls into a teary slump in Rose’s arms. How can Rose help her brother cope?

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