John is outraged by his noisy new neighbours – Lyrik. Their constant rehearsals are keeping him up all night. A charming Eden tries to disarm, but to no avail. John is going to be a hard, neighbourly nut to crack. Much to his elation, John discovers the house next door is for lease – no more hippies! He’s one step closer to peace and quiet. Now John just needs to get rid of the band at Felicity’s house…

An exasperated Xander is haunted by memories of his patients, with no end in sight. Rose consoles him, reaching for a solution. Pushing through his shame, Xander is transparent about his struggle with Cash. Needing privacy, Xander asks Rose to give them some time alone. A compassionate Cash encourages Xander to reach out for support at work. As a cop, he understands how hard it can be. Xander won’t be judged by his colleagues. Despite fearing the loss of his career, Xander decides to seek help with the mental stress of paramedic work.

Since Tex quit, Alf has taken over all work responsibilities. At a loss, Roo consults Marilyn on what she should do with all her newfound free time. Ever the optimist, Marilyn pronounces it a chance for adventure.

A suggestive Eden runs into Cash on the beach, asking him to come to their Salt gig tonight. Cash is shocked to learn that the band are sticking around Summer Bay. Putting up walls, Cash declares that he’ll be busy with Jasmine as she’s returning to Summer Bay. Cheekily, Eden suggests that three isn’t always a crowd, but Cash is not amused.

Theo’s band commitments are fast becoming an obstacle to his TAFE study, irritating Ziggy. Feeling responsible for his grades, Ziggy worries that this will reflect poorly on her as a supervisor. Dean encourages Ziggy to support Mac’s band night, but Ziggy is too bitter to watch Theo perform at Salt. Putting his foot down, Dean declares that Mac is family & Ziggy must come to support her, even if she’s angry with Theo. Under pressure, Ziggy concedes, but she’s not happy about it.

An overjoyed Eden finds the house next door to John’s for lease. Seizing the opportunity, Eden asks Cash to give them a respectable policeman’s reference to better their chances. Could this be the band’s new home?

Since they’re sharing honesty, Cash lets Xander in on a secret – he is going to propose to Jasmine, and he’ll need Xander in a good mental space to be his best man. Xander is touched by the offer and determined to shed his trauma.

Preparing for the big night, Cash gets champagne, roses and suits up. Tonight, he is going to make everything right with Jasmine when she returns to the Bay. An anxious Cash paces, waiting for Jasmine to arrive. He opens the ring box in his pocket to reveal the stunning diamond ring. Will Cash’s marriage proposal set everything right with Jasmine?

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