Eden spills the good news to the band – she’s found them a place to live in Summer Bay. Even better, it’s only across the street from Tane & Felicity’s. The band are glad to be putting roots down in town.

The pressure of being Lyrik’s new lead singer is getting to Theo, who is crippled by nerves before their first gig. Unable to get onto Chloe, Theo begins to worry. What if she doesn’t show up to support him? As the band gets sound check underway, Theo is noticeably absent. Not a good look for his first ever gig. Mackenzie worries that Theo lacks professionalism, but Kirby is adamant that Theo will be there. The band are unimpressed when Theo arrives right on curtain call and let him know it. An already nervous Theo needs to lift his game…and he does, sending the crowd wild.

Pacing in his suit, with flowers arranged and champagne on ice, Cash is left waiting for Jasmine to arrive home. As time drags on, Cash looks at the proposal ring, wondering if he’s made a mistake. When Jasmine doesn’t answer any of Cash’s calls, Irene tries calling Jasmine’s in-laws to no avail. Could something terrible have befallen Jasmine? A guilty Cash suspects that somebody told Jasmine about the Rose situation before he got a chance to. Felicity warns Cash not to jump to disastrous conclusions.

A reluctant Ziggy has been dragged along to Theo’s first gig with Lyrik. Fearing that it’s a distraction from Theo’s apprenticeship, Ziggy is hardly supportive of Theo’s musical aspirations, and blames Justin for encouraging Theo to audition. At the gig, Ziggy is gobsmacked – Theo can really sing. This may be more of a problem than she bargained for. When Felicity announces Lyrik are the new house band at Salt, Ziggy turns her fury on Justin. But Justin is too busy being a proud stage parent to heed Ziggy’s complaints.

Eden tries to make friendly small talk with a distracted Cash but is abruptly brushed aside. Learning that Jasmine has gone MIA on Cash, Eden feels for him. A stressed-out Cash unloads to Eden – it’s been more than a day since Jasmine was supposed to arrive. Fearing the worst, Cash announces that he’s going to report Jasmine as a missing person.

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