An indignant Ziggy corners Justin into a conversation about Theo’s future. How is Theo going to juggle band commitments and his apprenticeship? Justin is happy for Theo, assured that he’ll find a way to manage. But Ziggy wants practical solutions, not assurances. A protective Dean gives Justin an earful on Ziggy’s behalf – Ziggy took over Theo’s apprenticeship as a favour. Now Justin & Theo are neglecting Ziggy’s hard work to obsess over the band. It’s downright ungrateful. Hearing Dean out, an apologetic Justin reconciles with Ziggy, agreeing to work the garage roster around Theo’s rehearsals and fortnightly gigs. Ziggy is relieved to hear they are on the same page with supporting Theo’s apprenticeship.

As time drags on and Jasmine doesn’t show, Irene begins to worry. Cash quickly disintegrates into desperation. John & Irene consult one another on the Jasmine issue, wondering if her in-laws pressured her into staying. Perhaps they felt threatened by Jasmine moving on with another man?

Clocking Cash’s despair, Eden decides to help. Remi warns Eden about getting involved with Cash’s love life, considering their romantic history. But stubborn Eden refuses to back down, so Remi tags along. They force a reluctant Cash into joining them for breakfast. Cash is at a loss and waiting for the police to check on Jasmine’s in-laws, hoping to get some news on her whereabouts. Cash proves dismal company at breakfast, excusing himself abruptly. A protective Eden worries that Jasmine is messing Cash around. A wise Remi warns Eden about getting involved.

Cash is rattled when his request for a welfare check on Jasmine comes back all clear – she is fine and with her in-laws on their property. If Jasmine is safe and sound, why isn’t she answering Cash’s calls? And why didn’t she return to Summer Bay as promised?

After receiving news of Jasmine, Cash unleashes his wrath on a punching bag in the gym. Disturbed, Irene & John intervene, fearing terrible news. But Cash assures them Jasmine is fine. They are confused, why is Cash reacting so badly to good news? A furious Cash explains the root of his outrage – Jasmine has decided to stay with her in-laws, abandoning her life in Summer Bay. Denying Cash the courtesy of a phone call, Jasmine asked the police to pass on her best wishes. Irene & John are aghast at Jasmine’s behaviour. Cash’s thoughts turn quickly to Xander & Rose – how will he tell them that their sister is never coming back?

Roo is overwhelmed by the possibilities of her newfound freedom. Now that Alf is running the caravan park & bait shop, the world is her oyster. But rather than feeling free, Roo is adrift, with no direction. Surely Roo can find a way to become a lady of leisure. But Roo can’t seem to find her own company enough. Reading the signs, Marilyn offers to keep a restless Roo company.

A beaming Justin checks in with the band, wanting to share in the post-gig glory. Overhearing the band planning their tour dates, Justin’s face falls – this is a way bigger commitment for Theo than he thought. How is he going to get Ziggy on board? Apprehensive, Justin sits Theo down for a serious talk.

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