Monday 5th September

SPIDER THINKS TOYAH DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH Roy, Nina and Toyah warn Carla about the protest and urge her to take a closer look at Nadeem’s business practices. With the protest underway, Nadeem arrives at the factory, where apologising Carla confirms that the deal is off. The police arrive but as Craig urges the protestors to disperse, Griff rallies the crowd. As Carla and Nadeem emerge, Spider watches in horror as Griff pulls out a bottle and hurls it, hitting Craig on the head. Griff’s arrested whilst a terrified Toyah finds herself caught up in the melée. 

STEPHEN’S EX DEMANDS HE PAY HER BACK Sarah tells Stephen that she’s arranged a meeting with a couple of potential investors. However Stephen’s shaken when his wife, Gabrielle, arrives on the street, telling him she wants the £200,000 euros back that he stole from her company or she’s going to the police! 

DAISY’S SHOCKED BY JENNY’S KISS Daisy returns from a weekend away. Jenny confesses to Daisy that she snogged Stephen.

TIM REVEALS THE NOT SO HARD TRUTH TO STEVE Jenny is feeling the pressure as she meets with the pub’s charity football team, knowing the Flying Horse are looking for revenge. At Tim’s suggestion, Jenny enlists the help of James to give the team some coaching. Meanwhile when Peter catches Tim hiding from Trina in the cab office, he confides that Trina’s his sex therapist and that since his heart op, he’s suffered from impotence. How will Peter react? 

ELSEWHERE Sam does a class presentation about chess. When one boy, Owen, tells Sam how much he enjoyed it Sam offers to teach him later. Oblivious to Owen’s sarcasm, Sam sets up at the café. Ken and Wendy rehearse their audition scene for the play.  As Tracy enters, she’s horrified to hear Wendy delivering the line “Just as I love you” and rails at Wendy for canoodling with Ken.


  • Alan Halsall as Tyrone Dobbs
  • Alison King as Carla Barlow
  • Charlotte Jordan as Daisy Midgeley
  • Chris Gascoyne as Peter Barlow
  • Colson Smith as Craig Tinker
  • Elle Mulvaney as Amy Barlow
  • Emma Williams as Trina Kerrison
  • Georgia Taylor as Toyah Habeeb
  • Helene Maksoud as Gabrielle Reid
  • Isabella Flanagan as Hope Stape
  • James Craven as Aaron Sandford
  • Jane Danson as Leanne Battersby
  • Jane Hazlegrove as Bernie Winter
  • Jimmi Harkishin as Dev Alahan
  • Joe Duttine as Tim Metcalfe
  • Joe Frost as Leo Thompkins
  • Jude Riordan as Sam Blakeman
  • Julia Goulding as Shona Platt
  • Kammy Darweish as Nadeem Atallah
  • Kate Ford as Tracy Mcdonald
  • Martin Hancock as Spider Nugent
  • Maureen Lipman as Evelyn Plummer
  • Michael Condron as Griff Reynolds
  • Mollie Gallagher as Nina Lucas
  • Nathan Graham as James Bailey
  • Patti Clare as Mary Taylor
  • Peter Gunn as Brian Packham
  • Roberta Kerr as Wendy Papadopoulos
  • Ryan Russell as Michael Bailey
  • Sally Ann Matthews as Jenny Connor
  • Tanisha Gorey as Asha Alahan
  • Thomas Platt as Owen
  • Tina O’brien as Sarah Barlow
  • Todd Boyce as Stephen Reid
  • William Roache as Ken Barlow

Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.