Life is a topsy, turvy rollercoaster of turmoil for Toyah Battersby at the moment in Coronation Street as she deals with the aftermath of Imran’s death, Spider’s return and facing serious prison time if found guilty in her upcoming trial. The second interview from a recent Corrie Zoom chat is with Georgia Taylor as Toyah prepares for her court appearance.

We’ve seen Toyah growing closer to Spider in recent weeks, and then pulling away from him at the same time, do you think it’s loneliness that’s drawing her to him? Or do you think there is something more between them?

Georgia Taylor: I do think there is something more, and I think you can’t underestimate the power of a first love. And he absolutely was her first love. And you know, admittedly, they’ve been apart for long time been a for a long time, but I think I think that spark is still there.

I think she’s desperately lonely, and I think she feels judged by the community and the people around her, and he is someone who hasn’t been around. He didn’t know imran he wasn’t there for the funeral or any of that, so he’s not. He’s not judging her. He’s kind of just coming to her with a very sort of warm and open heart.

How is she dealing with the guilt of having feeling to another man so soon after imran’s death?

Georgia Taylor: Yeah, she’s struggling, and I understand that, and I even I think it’s very soon. There’s a bit of a rebound thing. I don’t know. How long does it take to grieve for your husband. I guess everybody’s different. And Spider is giving her something that she does need right now, and he’s very gentle with her and very kind. but yeah, of course, she feels guilty, and I think we see that.

So opens up to Spider and confesses you know what really happened in the car,were you shocked when you heard the truth?

Georgia Taylor: Yeah, Because i’ll tell you why? Because when I’ve had all these communications over the past few months, and even last year with Producer Iain it’ll be Charlie and I talking about storylines, and and he told us what was going to happen, that there was going to be, you know, an accident, and that was going to die, and there was going to be a big kind of, you know. Was it to his fault or not storyline? But he also talked about kind of the ambiguity of it, and it being such a very grey area between guilt and whether someone is guilty and not guilty, and we were going to kind of explore the complications of that.

When we filmed the stunt and and all the stuff we did on location, Charlie and I, and there was a few seconds where the the impact happened. We didn’t shoot anything and that we never shot that. It wasn’t very clear to me as in We’ve played this scene. I know exactly how it goes. So so it was only really confirmed when I got that bunch of scripts that you’re talking about now. And I was like, Oh, okay, So um. So. Yeah, she did.

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